Wednesday, March 30, 2011

fire... FIRE!

We were driving to daycare on Tuesday (yesterday) and the I could see this giant black ploom of smoke, as we got closer on the Beltline I could see the flames shooting 20 feet up in the air right next to the road.  So I quickly grabbed the I-touch and its handy little camera...

The firemen had just gotten on scene, and you can see they are just about ready to open up the hoses! 

When Mase saw the fire he said "OHHH MAMA, OHHH MAMA... HOT, HOT!"  Then I could here him blowing on the window... such a funny kid!!!

I took the kids to daycare, did a quick drop (I was afraid they were going to close the freeway) and was back by the fire in less than 15 mins.  It was already out!  What a great dept. we have here!!

Someones camper and car are gone!  I hope no one was hurt and that they are insured!

Friday, March 25, 2011


The other night Micah was really late getting home, and it had been a few days since Mase had seen him.  I had explained that Daddy would be home that night and he would tuck Mase in.  Mic got delayed for one reason or another and when I tried to put the boys down Mason refused.  He kept going to the door and talking about Daddy coming home.  So I turned off the lights and TV and settled in to study, some fights I just forfeit right off the bat.

When Micah finally came home this is what he almost stepped on:

He was sound asleep, he had been crying and just conked out where he was

Poor Micah could hardly stand it, I forfeited another battle that night.  Micah scooped him up tucked him in our bed, and snuggled up with him (for those of you followers who remember it was quite a long, arduous process just to get the kid out of our bed), I didn't say a word!  They are best buds and had missed each other terribly.

Life is good... incredibly precious, and so very wonderful!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The cut...

I cut my hair again, I know you can't really see it, but when its curly it sits above my shoulders and I like it!  Atleast my post partum alopecia is finally almost gone or grown back in!

I still have the weirdpatch of short hairs above my ears... when I pull it back, it looks like I had the sides of my head feathered... Think mama Duggar. 

Spring break is almost over, Thank goodness!  I love my babies, I miss them when we are apart, but having them for a week with out a firm schedule (we have meals and naps down) makes life hectic, add to that they both have double ear infections so we are stuck at home means I am a brat when Micah finally comes home.  Poor guy, thank goodness he can take it!

I used this picture, because its a pretty one!  I took 15 that were quite hideous, I have a theory that if I sit in the same or similar pose for 20 or so pics at least one will be good... now tell me you all don't do the same? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know everyone is dying to read how I did this term... and I can honestly say I did my best!

Medical Terminology       A
Chemistry     112             B
Biology         112             B
Math                                ?  its most likely an A or a high B

I did my best, it doesn't change the fact that I tried to do to much, or that I am disappointed I didn't get my 4.0 again.  I sometimes resent the hours that the single students can put in (especially those that don't have a social life) they ruin the curve!  I however have never had a loving relationship with science (in any of its many forms) and this is the best I have done in any science classes (thats all my own work) and I am in a way proud!  I feel like I just won the lottery, so maybe it was only for 1,000K instead of the multi-millions, but I still won something! I have that I wish it was more, but at least I won something feeling.

I like writing about my grades and how I feel as I see them, I like that I am accountable to you.  My few wonderful readers, knowing that I will inevitably share my grades and GPA makes me want to work a little harder, and study a little longer! 

So thanks for stoppin' by, and for making me accountable! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Always waiting on someone or thing...

Poor Mason has decided he wants to potty train (I'm not really on board), but he will strip down and go and sit on the pot all by himself... I am not ready for THIS!!!!

I should be, I should be thrill to save 50 bucks in diapers and I should be excited for this change in Mason's life... I'm not, I invision having to use the potty in every single store we visit, dealing with accidents, a summer of having to stop every 15 mins for him to use the potty and not to mention when he discovers he can not only pee inside but outside!  Oh no I'm not ready... but he is, and I love him and this is definately something he wants, so here we go!

I should be grateful that he is making this easy... but I think I'm going to POUT about it for a bit! 

Ok I want to hear all about your experiences, sad, funny, horribly embarassing... anything to help me keep a good perspective on this!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is a bit more us...

Happy hump day... this was my morning!   I hope it makes you laugh, like I laughed!  It was worth the extra 5 mins it took to bathe him.

Do you have any idea how good yogurt is for your skin?  Me either, but Mase seemed sure it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleeping angels

There are some moments that make being a parent so worth it (and there are moments that, well, make you rethink your ability as a parent)  Friday night, was one of those precious treasures that make my heart swell, and my eyes tear everytime I look at it or think of it:

So the story is, Friday night we put the kids down at 7:45 like normal, well they both screamed for a good 15 mins and then they calmed down like always... I checked on the boys about 930 (I wait so they get deep into REM before I go in, last thing I want is to wake them up)  This is was I found,

Mason climbed in with Miles and they slept head to head.  Miles slept better with Mase than he has... ever!

Seeing this makes me so excited for the years to come... and all the wonderful memories we'll make along the way!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I aspire...

I aspire to be better tomorrow than I was today...

I will not sneak 3 chips ahoy cookies (ok more like 6)
I will not stop at SBs on my way to school
I will not go one more day with out folding the clothes (ok maybe one more)
I will not procrastinate balancing the checkbook (I totally did that tonight!)
I will drink one extra bottle full of water (I'm only drinking about 4 20oz ea day)
I will watch less TV (this has to wait until Thursday...  Modern Fam is on tomorrow)
I will let go of the petty, silly things that bug me (like a pair of dark mens socks that got dropped next to the hamper instead of in it (I could have picked them up and started them to wash faster than I complained about them))
I will sing one extra song to the kids as we drive to daycare (even if it means I go around the block one extra time)
I will make something wonderful with Mason this weekend (strawberry shortcake sans the cream is calling my name)
I will make an effot to have the whole family around the dinner table one extra night a week

I am writing my Aspire list down so that now I am accountable for it... and when I have risen above my today.  Micah will be convinced that he needs to take me here in a few months. 

BECAUSE... I believe strongly in a reward system and I also believe in equality, and if Mason gets an M&M for using the potty then I should get a reward for all of the above and then some! 

Reasons to go...

1  Our friends are going (peer pressure is the best!)
B. He still owes me several Honeymoons (Alaska does not count)
III. I neeeed a vacation!
D  He really neeeeds a vacation!
5.  Hello its Mexico!
VI Micah really needs to brush up on his Spanish, what better way than by immersing himself in the culture! (ok so the culture might be more inland, but its closer than here)

Help me convince my  generous, sweet, wonderful,  generous, amazingly handsome, (did I mention generous?)  hubby, that is would be heaven on earth for both of us!  Then help me convince my mama that her grandbabies would absolutely love love love to see her and grandpa for a few days about the same time!!!