Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring in all her glory!!

I have been awful lately updating our blog, I've missed my chance to rub in our February blossoms!

March has been a bit crazy for us, over the last week we've all had a terrible stomache bug making the rounds.  We are fine now, but we seem to catch everything thats going round (we don't spend alot of time out and about either, its weird). 

Micah is finishing up the last couple of weeks of busy Tax season and gearing up for a very busy Audit season, its a darn good thing he loves his job! 

Mason is as active as ever and its only getting harder to keep up with him and all his messes... he still isn't speaking english (he is definately speaking something, we just aren't sure what). 

I am getting bigger and bigger, the time just can't seem to fly fast enough!

The daffodils have already come and gone!

My SIL Kellie made this blanket for Mase and lately it runs errands with us.

I've tried to hit the park, before all the big kids get out from school... Mase still doesn't understand he is not a big kid and that all the big boys do not want to be his best friend.

This his him w/ his friend Amelia!  She may be pint size, but she doesn't let Mase get away with anything!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A night to remember...

Last night was just one of those nights...

Poor Mason has had a small hacking cough over the past couple of weeks, and last night after our late night snack of some cheetos, Mase started coughing and he coughed so much that he threw up all over me!  This wasn't a first time deal for Mason and I, so I stripped us and we jumped into the tub; no big deal... except that he threw up on Micah on the way to the bathroom (Mic doesn't handle the puke very well); however, we still handled it fine. 

After we got out of the tub and dried off,  we let Mason run around nude for a little bit.  He had already pooped twice, he should have been good for the night.  I called my sister in law to chat and in the middle of the conversation, no joke, I said "Kellie I have to go, Mason just pooped all over the carpet"!  Sorry Kellie!

Micah freaked a little bit, so I had him get Mason back in the tub while I cleaned the carpet.  In the middle of picking up the first juicy steaming pile, I hear Mic start swearing (some of my more favorite curses).  I just knew that Mase wasn't done, not by a long shot!  He had pooped in the tub!  So I sent Mic to our bathroom to finish bathing Mase.  I finished with the carpet and started on the tub, and in the middle of scrubbing/disinfecting the tub I hear Mic swearing again.  Mason had some insane reserves!  Micah turned on the shower in our tub and quickly scrubbed him (while balancing the kid above the poopy water) and then we very quickly diapered him.  

Micah grabbed a bottle while I put a fresh pair of PJs on.  Mason and I laid down to rest and 10 mins in he started coughing again.... (I know what you're thinking...not again, right)?  I jumped out of bed and made it in to the bathroom with the clean tub just in time to be covered from face to bellybutton w/ puke.  We jumped right into the shower.  Poor Mase was hysterical, no one likes to throw up that much!  So I let the shower beat on his back, and told him a story while Micah cleaned up and got towels ready for us.   We wrapped him in a towel and quickly diapered, and clothed him.  We all went to bed, and Mason and Mic were asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  I take much longer to sleep, and about 15 mins after Mason fell asleep, he rolled over on to my chest (a position he loves) when I wrapped my hand around his hip only to feel that he had wet through his diaper and PJs and onto the sheets.

A quick diaper and PJ change later, and a towel over the wet area (at this point we were so tired; what's a little pee between exhausted parents) and we were back in the dark! 

Nobody stirred until sometime after 10 this morning!  Oh the joys of parenthood!

(While typing this Mason threw up again)