Friday, May 29, 2009

Did someone say BBQ?

While we were at my parents in Utah we of course BBQ... mmm!

My daddy is the amazing shrinking man he has lost over 100lbs (I wish he would share his secret)

My lil sis Mik is sure looking great... BTW I did her hair!

Did it ever occur to any of you that I look like my mom? She is approaching 1/2 a century and she looks awesome (yup I hit the gene lottery)

Mason before Grandpa gave him an orange

After Grandpa gave him 15 oranges... I should have taken a picture of his awesome diaper later ... thanks dad!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just to make you smile...


We were waiting for Micah to wake up at Gma Clark's house and I just happened to find a bag of rollers in our room!

Now you all know how I get Mason's hair to look sooo awesome everyday!!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Mason's Great grandparents... They're GREAT!

We spent sometime with my grandma and grandpa Cole in Spanish Fork, while we were visiting Utah! Mason was in love with all the reachable knick knacks that grandma has around the house and he so generously wanted to touch and eat them all! Seriously, if I had not been there to say no both of my grandparents would have said yes to what ever the little tyrant wanted... Mason had both of their numbers the second we walk through the door and he happily bent them to his will.

I know how very lucky I am to have both of my Grandparents alive and I plan on keeping them around as long as God will let me have them!

My Grandma Maxine is seriously sitting on the floor and playing with Mason... I haven't seen her sit on the floor like this in years!

Mason just had to give her his best 'I want eyes' and she was running to feed and water the little beast!

I was sure that my Grandpa Stan would never bend to Mason... he didn't just bend he snapped like a twig... poor grandpa was laughing so hard at everything Mase did

I am so glad that we got to spend time with them and that Mason took to them so well!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thats right, suck on your cancer stick... I hope you choke on it!

We are having a wonderful time on our travels... I will post more on that later!

Right now I need to rant... if you love some one who is an inconsiderate smoker you might stop here...

Today at 5:30 Mason and I drove over to the ISU campus and decided to enjoy the warm/hot afternoon on the grass while we waited for Micah to finish up for the day... So I pulled up in front of the cute museum and grabbed a blanket, the stroller, and the paper and went to sit in the shade next to a cute stone bench... I put Mase on the blanket under this beautiful blossoming tree and thought how pretty it was being in Idaho again.

I pulled out the paper and browsed it a lil and played with Mase and went back and forth over 20 mins until he crawled behind me and thinking he was wanting to us the bench to stand I kept a hand on him and when I didn't feel him stand up I turned around to see him chewing on a butt that's right a butt... Some ass hole had sat on that cute bench smoked a cigarette and then flicked the butt on to the grass to be disguised by the dropping blossoms... what a completely worthless individual, I at this moment hope death finds him/her quickly because the world would be a better place with them gone!

So I grabbed Mase and did a sweep of his mouth and got some chunks out and then I sat on the bench turned him over and made him gag until no more of that nasty crap came up... yes I should have watched my baby better I take responsibility for him having found the butt and eaten it, but how damn hard would it have been for that retard to put the butt in the trash? My poor kid cryed for 5 mins after that and I could barely understand what my sister had to say that poison control had said... Did you know that a whole butt can be toxic for a baby, or that tobacco can cause bleeding of the intestines? Well now you do!

Micah came out of work to find me frantic and ornery as hell... at that moment anyone who walked by smoking would have been a target for me (no one did) No of course instead it was the policeman's Ball (yes I know that joke) and all of the Chubbuck and Pocatello policemen were headed into the building walking by (me) this crazy mother with her child over her knee, a finger down his throat, and the other hand smacking his back... not one of those brave cops came near me...

Mason is fine so far I am keeping a close eye on him and also his diaper! I have yet to find anyone smoking, but I will! I am still as mad now as I was when it happened... who would have thought that Eugene would be so much cleaner than Pocy?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mason's Room

I wish so much that I had taken a before picture... It has bothered me for months that we had to stand up the spare bed against the wall and everytime I tried to lay it down and make it work with the furniture in the room nothing fit right soooo I traded Mason's big dresser (full of things he wasn't using) for one of our end tables in our room... I just need drawer storage for pjs and shorts I hang everything including onesies. I hung some curtains that I got a while ago on sale and made a really cute crib skirt... I need some more wall art, a new bedspread, and possibly a rug but it already looks a ton better!

My attempt at off the cuff creativity...
It could be worse

My favorite is the stars on the cutains... awe sweet dreams lil man

Tada... my crib skirt 4 hours later (Mason was not willing to play quietly in the corner while mama sewed)

Now to all my creative friends... give me your ideas! FYI... its an apartment so we can't paint!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Anniversary... one of many!

I am an incredibly lucky girl... every year I get to pick between 3 wedding Anniversarys... jealous? So this year I picked May 10th as our day! I loving took Micah to Macy's and showed him the perfume and bracelet I had spent hours picking out during his many late nights! Micah laughed and generously bought me the items I wanted so badly... then of course when he gave them to me I of course acted suprised and marvaled at his ability to read my mind!

Micah and I have shared 5 years of our lives together and we have experienced so many wonderful things together. I am so incredibly lucky to have my sweet husband and our beautiful lil boy! *sniff sniff*

Here is a little walk down memory lane...

So after looking through our wedding pics Micah and I are headed to buy gym passes! Yup memory lane is paved with shards of glass, reminding us how old we are getting!