Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre Valentines... weekend celebration

We had a cookie decorating shindig at our house.  Kristy brought Hayley and Gracie over dressed as disney princesses and the kids frosted a couple of cookies, ate their weight in icing  (butter cream...mmmm), and then ran around the house enjoying their sugar high! 
My treadmill made the best; stage, fort, jungle gym, and homebase you ever did see.
Miles kept trying to touch bellys with everyone... Cinderella (Hayley) told him that "belly buttons were yucky!"  Kristy heard that and promptly belly bumped Miles... he was so tickled!
My boys love Kristy, they know she gets home about 15 mins after we do, so they well watch at the window and wave as she drives past  (im not gonna lie, she spoils them... its all bribery)

Miles decided he was a princess too... he sure has the gams for heels!
Micah's favorite part was the ring her accessorized with!

You'd think the kid were winding down here... nope!
Mason was trying to hind under the blanket and tickle everyones feet!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Great Bearded Wonder

Micah decided to grow a beard... I love it!
He thinks its so funny to give the boys "whiskers"... he rubs his face against the boys faces and they giggle like loons!

I love this man!

The ER is a happy place...

Wooden train tracks do not make rings!

Mason came to me with his finger stuck in a wooden track, he kept saying "mama pwetty STUCK" nothing worked!  We tried Vaseline, veggie oil, dawn, KY, ice bath... you google it, it tried it! 

His finger started to swell, so I called Kristy to watch Miles (thanks Langworthy fam), then I called Micah to meet me at the ER, and then I called my friend Steph who works in the ER as an RN to get us right in (I'm all about favors in emergencies), she was however in working at another hospital (darn you steph!)  She sent a bunch of texts full of advice.

We got to the ER and Mason work the Nurses like a pro, they snuck us into one of the exam rooms, had a paramedic/fireman take a peek.  We all distracted Mason (Mic arrived right at this moment) and the guy popped it right off! 



We had a fabulous Christmas!  It was simple and family centered, it was wonderful...

The boys got a train table and every Thomas the Train known to man... They were over the moon! 

What Christmas morning is complete without this classic movie!

This is my dear friend Jen!  We had Christmas dinner at there house... she is the perfect surrogate aunt!  She is my emegency contact when the boys are sick, she has lots of fun animals, and she always has goodies for the boys!  What kid could ask for more?