Friday, October 22, 2010

Yell-O babies!

 Our sweet little ducklings

Consider yourself Owned!

First day jitters

I haven't been completely open with everyone about going back to school, why?  Ummm because there is a good chance with 2 kids and a husband who travels a ton I might flunk out... I hope not, I'm working like a dog!

The kids are in daycare and loving it!  Mason's talking like a crazy, he is eating better and he gets to play and run with a group of kids his age everyday.  I did some crazy research to find a good place to leave the kids...
and the woman I found is an Angel!  She loves the kids and they love her, they are blossoming under her care.

My first day we were up at 530 and this is how the kids looked sleeping in our bed... ahhhh precious!

A visitor.... Finally!

Uncle Ty came to say hi...

Look how quickly I turned this into a guest room!
We were so boring, we don't do a whole lot.  Thanks for hanging with us!

Tyson wasn't thrilled that I caught him on camera!

We went out to watch the Ducks win

4 1/5 Month

My boys are starting to look different... When did this happen Miles you can't grow up

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our new DO's

Mase and I both got hair cuts. He got a trim and I got wacked!

I love love love this picture!  and the awsome hair... he has decided that letting me fix it takes way too much time.  So, most morning I can be seen chacing Mason around our place with a palm full of Mousse! 

Its Perfect!!!  Why do none of my regular family pics look like this... both eyes open, great makeup, minimal double chinage aaaggghhh!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Great grandparents!

We love our Great Grandparents!

Awe love this!

The hours I spent playing with these verysame Tinker Toys! 

31 reasons to love him

For Micah's b-day this year I through him a Ducks football suprise party!  The suprise didn't last 3 days, but its the thought that counts.  I reserved our clubhouse, invited all of his/our friends and we watched the Ducks stomp ASU!   I totally forgot to bring my camera, and I would have gotten in trouble for the flash any ways... we had 30ish peeps show and everyone brought food and there duck gear... Micah says it was the perfect party for him!  Definately top 3!

Happy Birthday you sexy beast! 
Now show me your OOOOO face!


Utah... we came, we saw, we left!  Our trip in pics!

Mason watched movies the whole way... such a good boy!

We met Judy-O and the Dickster in Pocy for lunch!
Mom treated us to Pedi's... thanks Mom!

Mason loved helping Grandpa Mow the lawn

Quick story, My nephew E called me out on my bike skills... so I had to teach him a thing or two!  I wrecked, but still I did showed him a thing or two.

Why is it that I got stuck pushing the gas pedal for Toddlers... You can see my new short do!  LOVE IT!
We had so much fun... I only wish we could have seen more family and friends, we missed Micah while he was in Idaho working... but all in all a successful trip!