Saturday, November 22, 2008


I went to twilight on Thursday night... Micah and I had a deal when Mase was born, I stayed home with a him while Mic went to "DARK KNIGHT" and when the movie "Twilight" came out Mic would watch the baby. I was going to take Mason with me, but having lil man out until after 2 am in the morning so I could see a movie seemed a lil selfish, so Micah said he was ready and willing to pay up... I wasn't really sure I was ready to leave Mason alone with daddy for that long call me crazy, but most of you have never watched Micah watch ESPN, CNN, tv in general... if he doesn't like what he is hearing it can get ugly plus...WHAT IF MY BABY NEEDS ME!!!!

Micah was understanding, firm, and direct all the way until he kicked me out the door. It was an easy 3 hours where I was one of the only adults not escorting 13 year olds or not sneaking beer in the movie (I was surrounded by underage college kids, with beer bottles sticking out of there pockets and smelling like cheap Coors) Half way through the movie I could understand why they wished to be drunk... it would have made the movie much less painful! So lesson learned twilight the movie would be a thousand times better if you watch it while inebriated!

I got home only to find Micah wide awake in bed, with a baby who cried the whole time I was gone (almost 3 hours). My poor babies needed me, I knew it! The whole thing was not worth the trouble, but it was nice to have some time to myself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adventures along the river

Mason and I went for a walk along the river. I love the fall its such a wonderful time of year, its so nice to get out and enjoy a break in the rain. Mason made the walk even better by taking a nap! Here are some of the sights from our outing.

A family of ducks enjoying the water

This was the biggest spider I have seen since we left Idaho...agh I hate spiders! Look close she's eating

Some workers had just cut down a large tree, the trunk was bigger than the stroller

Mason started out the stroll like this

I figured it was time for me to stop singing as we walked when he did this

I love this picture, this was how the whole walked looked!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Holidays are here! WAAHOOO

I have shown incredible restraint this year... I waited until Nov. 14th to put up my Christmas decor. With each of our moves my Holiday decorations have been one of the sacrifices to the moving gods (I think Micah planned it this way). When you ship by the pound or stuff your trunk full, holiday stuff is at the bottom of the list (where as my purse collection was at the top). I have some light strings to hang, and I think I will hit Goodwill for some cute retro-eclectic, escaped from grandmas house decor, but so far this is what we got.

These stocking were made by Micah's Grandma and they are a family treasure (I would run back into a burning building for these suckers) I was also informed that Mason's Stocking is done and waiting in Star Valley for us!

I have lots of the knick knack variety!

On another note Mason has decided to sit up, no more cooking with Mama! I put him in his chair turned to grab some things out of the fridge. When Micah, started freaking out and this is what I turned around too... Agh!

Daddy... catch me!

Are you lookin at me...Are you LOOKIN at me?

Monday, November 10, 2008

What would it be like to have twins...

Mason's lil friend Maeli came to play with us on Saturday. Her parents won tickets to the duck game and asked if we would watcher her for them. Micah being the more conservative of the the two of us said wait and lets discuss this... I how ever am more like a dictator and decreed quickly that Maeli would spend the afternoon with Mason! On a quick side note; this was her first time with out her parents, and she was just learning the bottle! So Maeli came to play and we had fun up until that 20 min mark when she realized her parents were not hiding in the other room (she and I searched for them), and decided to vocalize her anger to us. Maeli has a healthy set of lungs and she shared her talent with us until she fell asleep... (for over and hour) Then our poor poor lil friend woke up and couldn't/wouldn't take the bottle, I felt sick over how frustrated she was and so at half time her parents called to check on her(after she had cried herself to sleep, again)... I explained the situation and they rush back to finish the game with us and Maeli... The End!

She and Mason play together quite often, and usually she likes me... its a whole new ball game with out momma around!

She was happy on the floor with Mason until he rolled away to watch TV and wouldn't play with her any more (apparently, boys are insensitive even this young)

This picture didn't make it on to the side pics, but it makes me realize how incredibly big my lil boy is getting! His lil personality is coming out more and more each day and let me tell you... he has that Clinger stubbornness proudly passed down from generation to generation, what a gift to your posterity... attributes of a MULE!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mason's new toy...

I have kept a little stash going of money I was saving for this totally awesome wallet (Hobo Internationals' Lauren). I realized how incredible selfish it was for me to spend over a hundred dollars on a wallet, and I found a knock off at Target it will work for a while! I had some extra money after spending only 15 on my new wallet and Mason always loves new toys so Micah and I did some research and picked out this awesome jumper/learning center!

Mason enjoying his new toy for the first time!

He is loving it!

Not only did I finance this little shopping spree, I also sacrificed the use of my middle finger... I got a narly blood blister which I popped of course and it has since gotten infected. What am I going to use while I drive?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The election...

and to remember the depressing part of this election -

AZ - ban on gay marriage added to constitution.

Arkansas - Ban on Gay Couples Adopting Children

CA - prop 8 is winning right now... and 50/50 on an abortion prop...

FL - 62% ban gay marriage

yes, this is a momentous election, a time where discrimination has been overcome... yet while we are moving post race in so many ways, and it is never ok to be a racist, since the battles were fought a generation ago and the wounds are beginning to heal, smaller in the world view of my generation... this hate and discrimination against gays is so strong, so ugly, so public, and so terrible, it taints this historic moment of hope and optimism with a darkness that we avert our eyes from... this is insanity. this is where we now need to realize change, now, and I hope that we will face it sooner rather than later.

My friend Megan wrote this on her facebook. I love the thought and I agree with it! It breaks my heart that there is still so much hate in our country. I fear the world that my son will grow up in. I refuse to see these injustices and not acknowledge them for the hate filled ideologies that they are. I will do my part to make change, and I will pray that Obama can replace members of the Supreme Court in time for the appeals to reach a less biased court.

I am sad that I have offended so many of my family and friends... I am sorry for the pain that my thoughts have caused them, but please realize I will not change my beliefs. I now have a son to worry about, and it is more important for me that he grows up in a country seeing all people as his equals, than placating my family and friends and any biases they may have. I will set an example for him... I will teach him how very important it is to stand up for what you believe in no matter the cost. My father in-law told Micah to "Always stand up for what's right". That deep down he knew what was right, and that he should always stand up for it. This is the example that I hope to demonstrate to my children.

Mason on election day wearing the appropriate color blue!

Mason is vertically challenged...

Our lil man had his 4 month check up today... he weighs in at 16lbs 11oz he is exactly 10 pounds heavier than when he was born! Unfortunately, he is only 25 inches long which makes him fall below the 50th percentile... so yes he is still short and fat. I just took these pictures less than an hour ago!

it looks like he is trying to whistle

poor baby, he has been really soar and grouchy

The doctor was not thrilled that I have been feeding Mason solids... I told her nursing was just not enough and seriously tough, he loves his food! He will now eat 2 whole lil boxes in one sitting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My lil Bat!

Halloween was so fun, we started out with our friends the Blacks at their communtiy center in Creswell. The town had set up boothes from all the local businesses and we trick or treated at each booth it was lots of fun and terribly crowded! Then we headed to our friends the Widmer's for a Baby's 1st Halloween Party. We had pizza and played games it was a wonderful Halloween!