Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ducks vs USC

Micah and i got the chance to go to a game at the infamous Mac Court!  We watched the ducks beat USC and it was soooo much fun!  I told Micah we should watch football at home and basketball in person!  My SIL Kellie is going to be thrilled that for once I enjoyed a basketball game... now if only we could get tickets to March madness maybe the week wouldn't be such torture for me.

As you can see I'm huge!!  15 weeks to go and I already feel done... whining to be continued!
Such a good time!

I'm totally digging those pink jerseys, and shoes... I told Micah I need some of my own!

We won!  Take that USC and your smack talking managers!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fudge pop anyone?

I crave ice cream constantly, its getting to the point we should consider buying stock in Dairy queen! To cut down on the insane calories I bought some sugarless Fudge pops. Here is Mason right after he finished his!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh for the LOVE!!!

As most of you know Mason Co-sleeps w/ us and it drives me nuts! Micah and I always been a little skittish when it comes to Mase... it took so long to get pregnant and he is our first. That being said we (I) resolved to get him sleeping in his own bed. I bought a shower curtain to catch his behavior vomit and I took off his cute bed skirt and bedding. I was so commited to this working. Wednesday night I put Mase in his crib at 8 and he cried until 10:30, and then slept until 8am. Then last night I put him in bed at 8 and he cried and then at 8:05 then he started banging on his door. AGH!!! He figured out how to escape his crib, WHY???

We heart Rock Band!

Our dear friends the Campbells are huge Rockband fans. They have influenced not only us in this addiction, but also Mason! He loves to hear himself sing and he can really rock out on the drums(the guitars are off limits for now)! We love how very into music he is and can't wait until he is old enough to take some lessons!

Don't you just love how very into this song he is!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My kids are exhibitionists... should I be worried?

We all know my mothering skills suck and my greatest hope for the next few years is I don't leave a child on top of the car as I drive down the road!

We are quickly approaching baby #2 and the more real it becomes the more I've decided its a bad idea and we should set this to the back burner for a few years.
Well the batter has been mixed and the bun's in the oven so ready or not here we go(I'm always hungry, so the food analogy works here).

See if you can guess the gender...

Our 3D image...right now baby just looks a little freaky.

I'm thinking this should be easy to figure out... let me give you a refrence!

This was Mason' you see it now

Thats right we are having another boy. If he is anything like his big brother Micah and I are going to need so much help!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick trip to Idaho!

We decided last minute to head to Idaho and spend Christmas w/ Judy and Dick... it was fun to see them and be w/ family! judy is a fab cook and made sure we all left a little rounder in the middle. While we were there we caught up w/ some of Mic's friends from HS and some of his extended family too, introduced Mase to the snow (he is not a fan), we spent some fun time w/ Kade and DeAnn, played lots of games,and I made lots and lots of Salsa! All in all it was a great trip, and Mase was a trooper!We ended up extending our trip a bit when i caught a stomache bug, but we still made it home to mourn w/ friends over the UofO loss!

I of course was too busy keeping Mason from killing himself a thousand different ways to remember to take pictures sooo this is all I have to document our trip enjoy!

Mason loves this hat

Bottles, suckers and a portable DVD player are my secret to a tantrum free 16 hr drive!

When we got home, our house had been vandalised by the rudest people! Streamers, banners and balloons were everywhere, Mason thought he had died and gone to heaven, I couldn't get past the idea that someone would really want to remind me that I am 2 short years away from 30!! It was cruel and unusual punishment and I am happy to call these sneeks friends!!

Girls revenge is a beast!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick catch up!

I have been out of commission for a bit, but I'm back baby(pun intended)!! So here is a quick run down of a few things I missed telling you about...

The annual Moss football game, the game was fun but this sign by my friend Tawny was the best! When the guys went to the USC game, and Game Day there were a bunch of funny signs and one read Matt Barkley(USC's QB) Reads Twilight... Tawny's husband Lydon played on the opposite team and this was the sign they made up! We all got a kick out of it!

Mason's poor schedule had been a mess, while Micah wrapped up various jobs(oh the life of an Accountant)... I would keep Mase up late so that Micah and he could see each other, if I hadn't they might have gone days w/o hanging out. The worst is over and as a result of the weird daddy time, Mason no longer wants me... at all!!

Our cute little tree, it was up the week after Thanksgiving... I continued to add to the decorations as i went, but this was the only tree shot I took(lame, I know)

and last but not least... baby number 2 is on its way and should be here sometime this spring! This is my excuse for not updating more... being pregs kicks my butt and I was sooo sick up until the 2nd week of December. I'm getting my groove back and the 2nd tri isn't a total wash after all!