Sunday, July 25, 2010

An easy weekend...

Is it just me or does it feel like the weekend flies... I have a love/hate relationship with time!  I'm already starting to think ahead to the Holiday season.  I drive our families nuts w/ my lets plan what we are going to for Thanksgiving in July!    With big things on the horizon for us, I just feel the need to get the rest of our year planned out, getting organized was one of the awesome ways we spent our easy going weekend!
Micah and I have decided to get in shape, so we signed up for a membership w/ OZ fitness! 
Micah trying to get a nap w/ Lil Mac

Can you say ambidextrous?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whale Spotting

We took the kids to the Whale Museum in Depoe Bay.  The museum sits right on the water, and you can usually spot whales spouting within several hundred yards.  We didn't see any whales this time, but there was still lots to do!

Micah and Mase are thinking about a career change

The port holes were right at kid level
Traveling in style

Capt. Phil

Micah and I are obsessed w/ the show Deadliest Catch!  Our favorite capt died this season, we were able to see him in person last year and he was larger than life!

Capt Phil

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amelia visits

Amelia's mom and dad are getting ready to move into a different rental, a home w/ a yard and garage (lucky ducks!).  On Friday, I voluteered to take Milly so they could do some painting... our day looked mostly like this!

Milly is quite the little mother and she was determined to love Miles constantly

So for his protection he spent alot of time in the cage

For lunch / snack we had a carpet picnic with the works!

Mason's fav... popcorn suprise (I hide fruit snacks in the bottom)

All in all the day went great, and they even took naps for me!

2 month twinners...



Monday, July 12, 2010

The hard things

Writing a blog for me has always been a way for me to show off my family, to remember how my family is right now, and express my feelings over... everything. 

I blog stalk lots of people (we all do, I'm sure).  I enjoy reading about the lives of the people, I've known over the years... has anyone ever noticed that no matter peoples circumstances there lives always seem great on their blog, almost perfect?    We all want to project a positive image of ourselves and our lives to the public, but nothing is perfect and trying to be perfect can at times cause more of a problem.

I've decided that although I am living the dream, I want to open up about the not so perfect side of my life.  I have and am now dealing w/ postpartum.  I had terrible PP w/ Mase and it went on for the first year of his life, I was up and down... I constantly picked fights w/ Micah.  I knew then something just wasn't right, but I was too embarrassed to admit I might need help.  So we dealt w/ my mood swings and depression, but life was always a little bit worse.

This time around I decided I could not put that kind of stress on my family and marriage.  I felt the swings coming on as soon as we got home from the hospital.  Micah and I, discussed the positive and negatives of talking to the doctor, of admitting how I felt and asking for help.  For Micah there was no negative, he could see me struggling to take care of our boys and he hated watching me suffer (the me buried under all the hormones).  So I talked to the doctor using Micah as my excuse, and once I started talking to the doctor it started pouring out, my 5 min appointment turned into 20 mins, as I vented my feelings and concerns.  The doctor agreed with us that I would benefit from an anti-depressant.    He also said I would start to see a difference within a few days of taking the pill.

Yesterday, as Micah and I were driving back from the coast w/ the boys, I asked him if he thought the pills were helping.  He of course turned the question back on me, and asked how I felt, and I admitted that I haven't felt this good in years (I've been pregnant or nursing a child since 2007).  I stress about normal things now and I don't call Micah at work to yell at him for throwing his socks on the floor.  Its been 2 weeks since I started and I feel amazing!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Some more Cali...

Kellie proves to me time and time again how very together she is (she claims different, but seriously super woman)  She decided to bake sugar cookies, and let the kids frost them.  I had to walk away a few times, the frosting getting smeared on the table was freaking me out (I have some issues).
That was the 4th time that cookie had been frosted for him!
The craziness... she even did multiple colors!
Burning off the sugar... Mason didn't know what to think of all the wrestling (that just means we need to visit more often)

We found our Halloween costume... My friend Alexis' little girl is going to freak when she sees Mase dressed like Elmo!
I was dying when Kellie sent Mase out dressed like this... too funny!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cali continued...

Saturday night we headed to the Town of Benicia for a cooler breeze and a Parade!  Kellie was so sure it was going to be freezing, and of course the one day we visit the breeze was blowing the wrong direction and the normal 70s (compared to the 100s, the 70s  feel cold) was blistering somewhere in the 90s ... it was still so awesome! 
Mase sat w/ the boys some of the time... 
Ran around like a crazy man some of the time
The rest of the time he spent sitting w/ Miles, legally restrained!
Seriously, it was buckled down in the stroller or a straight jacket... he had so much energy!
Such an awesome day
Spent with such great company!

Every where we looked there were naked people, sometimes the view was good, and sometimes the view was proof of a person's awesome confidence!
I love the diversity in California!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The fourth Cali style!

We were mobile on the fourth, the bags were packed and the kids bribed, and we hit the road for a quick trip to see some of our favorite people!  Charles and Kellie invited us to spend the holiday weekend soaking up the rays in beautiful California. 

Our first day in town Kellie and I packed the boys up and headed to the nearest park.  Mason hit the grass running, with a water feature to explore, a giant playstructure to conquer, and big cousins to shadow he had quite a busy couple of hours!

This is what it takes to get us to the park... it was so worth it!!

Khale is just too cute
When did Gabe grow up?

Mason on his way to the bigboy slide

After the first couple of times down I stopped worrying he was trying to kill himself... seriously it was the tallest slide he's done so far!

These boys have no fear... I can't wait for Mase to get to this point!

As hard as he tried there was just no keeping up with the bigboys... sometimes being short sucks (mama understands son)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

6 Week twinners

They look more and more alike everyday!