Monday, January 21, 2008

Today was the my first appointment with my new Doctor and I am so excited... is it bad that I have a little bit of a crush on my doctor! He really is nice, but more than just a little bit gay. I heard baby's heart beat and its just under 130 beats per minute. Micah would have bet money that we are having a girl, but now I think that he is leaning towards that boy side of the belly (which side is that exactly, i think its which ever side has the most stretch marks!) I love being pregnant because Micah is such a sweetie and you had better believe that I am milking it for all its worth. Now heres a line from our sponser..... Hello from the dark side! This is my (Micah's) first time writing on our blog. If you're reading this blog entry I would appreciate it if you you would print it off and save it, because years from now Melinda will deny that she ever called me a sweetie. Truth be told, we are both super excited, and things are going well here in Siberia. Mel has been telling me that she really likes the name Bristol if we have a girl (uniquely Alaskan). I asked her why Bristol, and she told me because I was in Bristol Bay when the baby was conceived. It took me three weeks to realize that Mel hasn't been to Bristol Bay! Of course I'm kidding, but on a more serious note, JaMicah or JaMelinda is going to have to work because Mel doesn't like my first choice. I am voting for Ivan The Impaler Clinger. I mean, how cool would that be to have The Impaler as a middle name, and not just a nickname. Well folks, we have to go now, but check back soon because we plan to start updating our blog a little more often.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Byron glacier
Micah competing with his duck tape stripper show!
Micah's Honors banquet!
Micah with the turnagain behind him!
Mel took this pic
Oh you know i am breaking in there and going swimming in chocolate one day!
One of the local brown bearsTwo places at once!

Happy New Year!

Well the holidays are finally over, all though I love the holidays its time to pack up the tree and go on a diet... poor Micah may have overindulged just a little bit. The only thing he wanted from Santa this year was a scale... when he first stepped on it he stopped eating for a full 24 hours, everyday before he goes to work, when he gets home and before bed he is on that scale. This would all be fine accept he strips down to his birthday suit and for some reason it never occurs to him to shut the blinds!

Micah and I are so pleased to announce to every one that we are expecting our first and possibly our last baby at the end of June! I haven't felt this sick and miserable ever! Micah is so excited we go shopping and he disappears and I only have to look for him in the baby section. He can't decide whether he wants a boy or a girl! I personnally think that he is leaning towards a girl because he wants a little princess.

We hope everyones Holidays were wonderful and we love and miss you all!