Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mason may not know his animals, but he knows his mascots!!!

The Ducks are one win away from the Rose bowl and if they win we are going to do our best to see them in action during the Tournament of the Roses (by we I mean Micah) I enjoy watching football w/ my girlfriends, but I can't stand watching with Micah. We have been working with Mason to properly represent the Ducks! This is his own little version.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Eve... and the Game of the year!

I started out dressing Mason as a Cowboy and he look so adorable... until we got to Micah's work party and he started throwing his guns at the other kids! oops, bad mom! He ended the night at Trunk or Treat dressed like a Lion... a girlfriend gave me the lion costume almost a year ago and it ended up being my favorite of the evening! You live and learn... next year we will focus on easy!!

I knew all week that Halloween wasn't really going to happen... It was annouced that Gameday was coming to Eugene and Micah was absolutely ecstatic and determined to go rain or shine!! Then his friend (and new brother) RL won tickets and invited Micah to come with him!! Micah was sooo sooo sooo very excited he couldn't really function the rest of the day! When Saturday came he was up at 3:50 am to head to Denny's and then on to Gameday! He came home rested for a few hours and then left for the Game. The Ducks won, we beat UCS 44-20 and it was awesome (yes I watched) While the guys were at the Game, I had the wives and babies over for pizza and chit chat! All in all it was a great evening and I wouldn't change a thing!

I forgot to take pictures of him in the lion costume, so I did a quick (however quick chasing him around the house and wrestling him into a costume is) photoshoot!