Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Sweet man is here!!!

Our sweet little boy has finally joined the family!!! Mason Neal Clinger entered the world this morning at 7:40 am, he weighs 6 pounds 11.4 ounces and is 20 inches long. His hair is thick and jet black with just the tiniest hint of curl to it! He is perfect! Momma and baby are both doing wonderfully!

Right before we headed into surgery

Mason just a few mins old

Mel in recovery

Our first family pic

Melinda and Mason bonding

Little Mason, finally with a moment to himself!

Melinda and I were talking today, and we are amazed that little Mason is alreay here with us. In retrospect, we're asking where the time went. We waited for him for several years, and we're so excited that he is finally here. Its kind of comical the way we have stared at him all day, (we must be stalkers), but he seems so beatiful and perfect. I think he knows how much his mom and day truly love him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Almost there...

Less than a day and a half and I will be checking in at the Hospital... I am having constant panic attacks! Someone turned up the Hormones too, I cryed while watching a commercial last night (I think it was for preventing the spread of Herpes). Apparently I have great sympathy for everyone, but Micah( I am holding a grudge over this whole prego thing). I promise once the baby is here I will let him off the hook.
Poor Mic, he is in need of some major guy time, everytime I suggest that he head out to the Golf Course or to watch a game he refuses. Once the kid gets here, my plan is to continue to suggest these male outings and what better guy time than to take his son...haha!

Shopping in Target

I look like a house... 2 bdrm 2 bath I will sell for cheap!!!

Manna from heaven... I mean Mom!!

Micah can't figure out how she fit it all in that little box!! (Next time we move guess who has to come help?!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well the count down has begun 10 days to go... or more like 9 days and 11 hours. Micah is beginning to think I might be just a touch crazy and I have to agree with him. I constantly feel up then down my cravings are out of control, i wanted homemade rolls so I begged my Mother in-law for her yummy recipe and made rolls at like 1 am in the morning. Last night I decided asparagas and watermelon were perfect for dinner. In my defence I later can reflect that what I felt in that moment was silly and stupid! (for reals who eats asparagas and watermelon for dinner... micah declined and ate top ramen) Here are some pics of what has been up with us!

Here are my yummy rolls!! its close to 2 am here

Micah and I are stocking up on diapers and he is so funny!!! lately he has been figuring out how much time the baby needs to stay in each diaper to keep us at 7 diapers a day! (Thats what happens when you marry an Accountant and a Clinger)

Yay our carseat is in!

36 weeks

37 1/2 weeks (this was taken out side of the doctors office today)

His ying to my yang!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Call of the Wild...

Micah is the luckiest man in the whole world!!! So we just got got back from Portland and I had so much fun... Micah worked all week soooo his time wasn't as great. On Wednesday night Micah got back to the hotel and we were rushing to meet everyone for dinner and we walked out of our really sweet room and I let out this god awful burp. I sounded like a hippo's mating call, it was loud and it echoed down the hall way. So Micah being used to my jungle calls didn't even break stride, and I wouldn't be writing about my it if we had not rounded the corner to the elevator and walk right in to the manager over the job Micah was working on... I instantly started laughing and apologizing. What could I do other than laugh and make light of the situation! His boss laughed and gave me the "its ok your pregnant" line (thank goodness she is a she). This whole prego thing is a continuous get out of jail free card!! I am wondering if I can get out of a speeding ticket or if I can be the one to fart in the crowded elevator (ok who are we kidding I have so done that one already) or maybe I will use fake labor to cut in line at the grocery store. I have exactly 3 weeks till little man comes and I am going to take advantage of this pregnant thing as best as I can.