Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The best view in the house

When Micah's out of town this is what I open my eyes to.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Attack of the sugar bugs!!!

Back to the dentist we go...

Mason told Kristy one morning that his teeth hurt, she texted me and I called the dentist.  They gave me two options either we could come in at 1020 that day or wait until march... Hmmm tough choice!

I took all 3 of the boys with me (I was nervous, if all 3 melted I was going to need the gas not Mase).  We got to the office right on time, which was a miracle in and of itself.  We walked in and Max was snoring in his car seat.

FYI... Baby snores are the best, much better than adult snores!

Miles and Mason headed straight for the toy wall and I got us checked in.  Poor Mason only got to play with the toys for a few minutes and we were all headed back to the procedure room.  Mason jumped in the chair and talked the poor assistant's ear off.  She got him started on the gas and he relaxed so quickly (i would really like some for at home)

The dentist came in and talked to mason about the sugar bugs eating his teeth and how he needed to put the bugs to sleep so he could get rid of them. 

Mason has a huge fear of needles and I really contemplated sedation so as not to upset him and cause complications.  In the end I thought trying the gas would be worth the risk (not to mention the affordability).  This pic is of him getting the shots, he didn't even flinch.  He didn't know it was coming either!  

Once his mouth started to sleep he asked me to take Miles back to the toys so he and Max didn't accidentally wake up the sleeping sugar bugs.  I was heart broken and proud at the same time, he does need me but maybe he should.  I kissed his head and whispered "luv ya" and he shhhed me out the door.  

This was during the "shot"!  I was so nervous and he was too busy telling stories

He was done so quick and was a great little patient

The kids all get a token to take to the prize machine!  This is everyone's favorite  part!

Mason ended up with a Crown and a filling.  He now has a shiny tooth like daddy which he loves looking at in the mirror.  He also has a healthy obsession with sugar bugs, one we discuss anytime anyone is eating anything within sight of Mason.  

Life is as always so darn good!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Library visit

I decided after the long boring year we had last year with me tired and pregnant for most of it, that this year we are going to do more!  Enjoy our community, take advantage of all the fun daytime activities that happen during the week! 

 Soooooo, we headed to the library to enjoy the 3-6yr olds story time.  I was sure it was going to be a hit.

I stopped for coffee on the way and we arrived early enough for the boys to browse the books.  I sat down at a kiddie table in a kiddie chair with Max Bjorne riding my front.  Once I sat down, I couldn't get up.  My knees just wouldn't work with the awkward baby situation, so i had this brilliant idea to climb down to the floor to reposition myself to get up.  in the process of climbing down onto my hands and knees, I spilled my entire coffee all over the table!  There I was on my hands and knees in the kiddie section swearing like a sailor and mopping up the spill with a baby blanket and wipes!   

Once my mess was cleaned I quickly ushered the kids into the story room and away from the scene of my crime.  The boys played with some puppets and looked at the books they had on display until the program started.  A crazy eugene lady with a badly done blue dye job came into the room and started the group off on a song!  

Miles ran to the front of the room screaming SHUT UP from the top of his lungs.  I had to run to the front of the room apologizing to the offended parents and drag Miles back to our chairs.  

Mason decided at this point that story time was lame and for babies.  So he acted like a giant baby and crawled under my chair and kicked my seat through the first book.  Miles of course followed Masons queues and hid under the chairs as well.  

3 books, 4 songs, and a puppet show later and finally it was over.  As the other parents were leaving a woman stopped and personally thanked me for breast feeding Max in public.  What do you say to that..." Your welcome"  That's all that came to my mind.

We were the last family out and one of the library attendants who looked incredibly young (think college student) stopped me and told me after watching me wrestle my boys, she had decided she only wants girls... I was and still am speechless.  I'm sure I mumbled some platitude as we walked by.  I kept picturing a pinterest pin that reads "your children make me want to OD on birth control."  

The library was a hit all thinks considered, we changed lives,some lady will find a way to pick the sex of her children.  Miles can't wait to go again and Mason has agreed to come as long as I promise a treat later!

The giant globe was a hit!  We found Eugene!

They can't wait to see it again tomorrow!