Monday, February 25, 2008

How cute is this little profile!

Can you tell?

Here let me zoom in on the baby for you! Oh yeah thats a Penis, we are having a boy!!!

It was so fun to go to the Ultra Sound and see our baby on the big screen! I got on the bed and the doc put the gel on my stomache Mic and I asked immediately to see the sex of the baby. He told us that he likes to save that for the end... but as he applied the Ultra sound thing to my stomache the first picture that popped on the screen was my child with his legs spread wide ... and I was so worried this child was going to be shy. Its so fun to get to know his personality better. He is so stubborn, he would not hold still for the doctor and when the guy applied any pressure to my stomache the baby would kick the probe or the guys hand really hard for something that doesn't weigh a pound yet!!!

We are so excited and we feel so incredibly blessed to share this with all of you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Run with the Reindeer

Only in Alaska would you get "Running w/ the Reindeer". This weekend and through next week is Fur-rounday I have no idea what it means or why we celebrate Fur-rounday , but we had a good time watching. Here are some of the pics from the RUN

This reindeer loved the camera!

Poor things I don't think they wanted to be here

Honestly the reindeer ran faster than the people!

Honestly, how dumb do you have to be to run with the reindeer( Mic and I are doing it next year)

Tomorrow is the big day we find our the sex of our child! I just have to say BOOO to althose who voted with Micah.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover
I have converted Micah to my favorite feel good reality show! Extreme Home Makeover, every week I cry like baby... this week they did the show for the Marine that lost his leg. Micah got a little teary eyed watching the show. I love this show because its so real and there are so many honest good people in need who deserve a hand up and a little help.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl weekend

Our weekends seem to go so fast anymore, Micah is trying to study for the CPA and every weekend we are stay up late and get up even later, but since we have the baby coming this summer I thought it was time to start working on getting up early. I told Micah Friday night that no matter what he had to get up while it was still morning on Saturday. I was up at 9:30 ish and at 10 I started bugging mic to get up. I had the whole house clean, my hair and makeup done, and a cup of ice water in my hand at 11:45 before he decided it might be a good idea to get moving( it was still techniquely the morning)

As you all know this weekend was superbowl weekend. Micah and I decided to invite our friends Shawn and Salina over for a little party and to watch the game. I made lots of food mostly finger foods like egg rolls, taquitos, bbq ck, chips with dip, and a veggie tray. I decided to save the egg rolls for later in the game and set them out to thaw.... I fell asleep right after half time. I woke up at the beginning of the 4th quarter and decided to ask the guys if they wanted me to make the egg rolls. Micah and Shawn both fessed up to eating some while I was sleeping. Honesty, are you kidding me, they are both going to be so sick(they were pork egg rolls)Hahahaha is it bad that I think that is so funny. Poor Shawn has to fly out on a job in the morning! I feel so bad for every one working in Micah's office tomorrow.

We had another Doctor's appointment the big official first one with my new doctor and Micah decided to come too. Can I just tell you how interesting it is to have my feet in the stirrups and my doctor commenting about my pregnancy with my husband nodding in agreement to everything she said... I think maybe he should have been a doctor.