Monday, May 26, 2008

Open mouth insert foot!!!!

Well Micah and I went to church willingly for the first time in 3 yrs... and we really like our new ward. That being said they may not like me so much... so we arrived a little late for sacrament meeting and snuck in just before sacrament (i planned it that way to avoid the awkward first meeting) OK so I just postponed it until after, but still it was a sound plan. After the meeting we met several nice members and they being very helpful directed the bishop to us.

The man was so very sweet and very humble and the poor man so unprepared for me!! As we introduced our selves he began to ask the normal questions where are you from? where can I get your records? you know normal bishop questions. So we explained we had no idea where our records are being as we have been inactive for so long! He said and I quote "well bless you for choosing us". I of course being so wonderful sweet and thankful for his welcoming replied "well it was either you or the Catholics" ugh the poor man just stared at me like I had grown donkey ears right in front of him (Mic would say it was an Ass's tail but lets try to keep it clean people). Later as we spoke with the bishop he asked "are you expecting" OK so I am due at the end of June and I totally did not like that question at all, so i looked him straight in the eye and said "no I am just really fat"! For the love I look like I have watermelon down my shirt what did he think? Micah on the other hand believes that my Hormones have finally taken over "WHAT HORMONES"!?

Congrats Falish!!!

I want to Congradulate my very dear friend Falisha who on the 21st became a beautiful Momma to a sweet little girl!!! I am so excited for her and I wish with all my hear that I could be with her snuggling her little one!

Welcome little Leah DeeAnn Way!!!

On Falisha's B-day in 2003 in New Jersey!!! While we were both nannying back East!

On her wedding day!

At the ballet

At B's wedding!!

I can't even express how grateful I am for her and for the friendship that we have shared over the years! Congrats lil' mama, I wish for everything wonderful for you and your new family!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


After calling 10 different offices in Eugene I finally found a doctor who would agree to see me! Seriously, this kid will come whether or not a doctors sees me or not. Its just the C-section bit that gets a little complicated. Micah called to remind me about my appointment today 4 times he kept checking to make sure I was up and out of bed! For the love, he was more nervous to hear how the baby is than even I was. He insisted that i leave 30 mins early so that I could get to the office early... which ended up being a good idea because for some reason I got on the freeway going the wrong direction and had to wait for the next exit and 3 lights before I could get going the right way again. Who does that but me! When i finally got there the staff was so nice and I really like the office. The doc was super sweet... i think we are scheduling a C-section for the 27th of June. I tried to convince the doctor that sooner was better, but he thought differently!!

We went on a picnic with Kyle and Brandi Black and their fun family... we had such a good time! They are such a fun family and its nice to see people from back home! Micah and Kyle went to school together and now they work together at Moss Adams.
Micah is enjoying his new job and although we miss our friends in Alaska we still are glad to be in Oregon!!

Our furniture finally arrived... i swear the movers took the long way!!! At least we don't have to sleep on the air mattress any more (thanks so much Kellie for lending it to us)!

Friday, May 9, 2008

There and back again...

We went to see Micah's brother Charles and his oh so fun family in Cali...a few weeks ago. We had so much fun and we really enjoyed our selves. Thanks so much you guys!

We took the boys on a walk to the dollar store while Kellie ran some errands... poor Gabe and Micah they got stuck constantly waiting for Khale and I! We happen to be a little slow. Khale's legs are short and I waddle like a duck... we made a cute pair! On the way back Kellie drove by and honked... gabe took off on his little bike and he is really fast! (lucky we were only 5 or 6 houses away) After he made it to Kellie he came back on foot to get his booty from the dollar store and I got a great hug... I laughed and asked him if he was worried his mom wouldn't come back and he would be stuck with Uncle Micah and Aunt Melinda for ever... that little snot said yes!!! It makes me laugh so much every time I think of it. We had a great time and can't wait to go back again!

Our booty from the dollar store, gum and snorkle set!

2 sets of brothers aren't they all so cute... I mean handsome!

We took the boys to a car wash and they got a kick out of it... i am not going to lie I liked it too!