Friday, July 31, 2009

This and That...

We are doing our best to beat the heat. Its been above 100 several times this week and it has been miserable w/o Air conditioning!

We've kept busy over the past little while and here are a few pics of our adventures.

FYI the malls have lots of A/C

The lake is a great place to cool off...

The heat had Mason just plain tuckered out...

He does't look like a baby any more, now he is officially a lil monster.(I'd say lil bastard, but we all know who his daddy is!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Got milk... beard?

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A lazy weekend...

After a whirlwind trip to Seattle its been nice to rest and relax this weekend!

We went to Lone Pine farms to feed the goats and play on the tractor!

Mason absolutely loves riding on Mics shoulders

I'm sure the view is great from up there!

We lost a cherished member of the fam this week... our sweet microwave will surely be missed, well aleast until we get used to the new one!

Mason decided to eat his pancakes in his new house while watching tv... so is our apartment now a 3 bdrm?

Mason likes to hang-out with his... diaper out! He took off the second I had his diaper on... as long as he's happy I'm good!

Camberra, I can't get on to your blog because its private... thanks for all the nice comments though!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seattle's Best!

We spent a few days in Seattle while Micah was doing some things for work! Mason is finally at that age where traveling is just too much for him. So unless we are headed to visit family we probably will not go with Micah again... sniff sniff!

Here is what we did in Seattle!

Mason's quality driving skills got us there safely (Mic and I even got a nap while Mase drove)

We found lots of Malls in our area... and Malls = Play areas!

Lots of play area's

I think this guy looked familiar to Mason... hmmm I wonder who this looks like to him?

Of course we visited the Space Needle, Mason was thoroughly unimpressed... It may have been a bit past his bed time... oops!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look what I made...

Ok so these are just your super basic curtains but they are made from burlap (which was a pain in the ass to work w/) so that alone double/tripled the time and I made them for my friend Anna who's a bit of a perfectionist(her home always looks like a model home). In fact it drives Micah nuts when I visit Anna, because I come home and rearrange furniture and re-vacuum the whole house!

They turned out great... and all the imperfections actually make them that much better! All I can say is phew!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Patriotic bad boy...

The fourth was great! We took Mason to a Parade and as soon as we sat down he fell in love with this flag and it was easier to take it (I put it back before we left) from the yard we sat in front of than fight to keep him from it.

He loved waving it in the wind and dragging it on the side walk (sorry dad) I tried to keep the times he dropped it to a minimum. I grew up with a great reverence for our country and the sacrifices made to keep it safe! With that in mind it was difficult to let Mason abuse this poor little plastic flag.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A look at our trip...

All of the pictures are of Micah and Mase... this is my blog and these are my favorite people so... get over the Mel less pics! (plus I didn't like any of the ones Micah took of us)

We unpacked the car and headed straight out to the beach... you can kind of see the houses in the back... it was a good little walk out.

Awe the ocean it calls to us!

Mason's hair is getting too long... I can put it in a pony with out using product or a comb! Time for a trim!

This is us enjoying the deck one evening...

A baby model in training!