Monday, April 25, 2011

We got egged!

That dirty rotten bunny did it again...

You'll notice in alot of our family pics Mase has a giant bunny, he can't sleep with out (last year E. bunny  brought it for him) we can't leave the house with out it, and he is a beast at daycare with out bunny... Thank goodness we now have a spare... one for home, one for daycare!

Awe how precious (just like in gremlins, before they hit the water and ate after midnight), right before the sugar rush...
 Mic took a bunch of really cute pics of the kids, unfortunately me and my girls were on display (the girls, way too much) so those are family pics only!

Miles fell backwards into the diaper basket... sugar drunk!

Mason determinedly trying to get into a foil wrapped egg... he yelled at me 2 seconds later for not having it open and ready for him when he got home...

Easter was a giant sugar rush... IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!  No more easter candy, next year the bunny will bring healthy snacks and toys... OR ELSE!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

TP anyone?

I loved toilet papering when I was younger, I still do!  It was a blast to sneak out late and launch those big rolls as high in the trees as I throw (which was pathetically low).
I mistakenly left a pack of toilet paper in the hall way, and while I was making my lunch and packing my backpack the kids TPed the hallway.  It was such a funny moment, I just had to capture it!

Mason finally got a much needed haircut!  He loves it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a little about Miles

This kid kills me sometimes
He is so willful all of a sudden
He has a mean right hook, followed by a star inspiring head butt
If Mason can do it so can he... or else
He is in size 4 diapers (he's only 11 months, but the blowouts were too gross for words)
He says mama, dada, brabra (brother), baba, hi, bye bye and a few others!
He is a garbage disposal, he cleans his plate (and I just caught Mase giving him food and then telling me so sweetly all done)
He sleeps like a champ 730 to 6 with a break at 1230 and 430 like clock work! (this does not mean you may call me at 630 there is still a chance I will bite your head off)
Miles is such a fun kiddo, and I definately have that I wish we had done this with Mase thought on some of his behaviors.

He is sleeping across his bed, with his head cushioned on his arms and the bumper and his little feet up on the slats (he is just like his daddy, he hates to have his feet covered)

Dinner and a show

My white trash roots are showing (call it thrifty if you like) but my neighbor just got a new TV and was throwing out this little one with a DVD player that worked perfectly good... so I snagged it!

Mason pulled out his camp chairs, and I helped him set them up!  Its a regular little theater in his room.  Rest assured I read the new report on TVs in bedrooms beign linked to all sorts of problems, sooo its more of a "when friends are over or when mama needs to study" type deal!

Poor kids, this was during marchmadness!  I spent sometime in there with them!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here it is short...

Miles and I were at the Doctors again... and we got bored!  So we had a picture fest! 
Poor kid and his wimpy ears! 

I get so bummed when the blogs I love don't update more often... I realized I hadn't updated in 10 days!  Sometimes I'm a bit of a hypocrite, but aren't we all?!