Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can I decorate now?

Micah and Kristy have ganged up on me this year and I am itching to get out the decor boxes! 


What can I promise/trade to get a pass?

38 sleeps till Christmas!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Miles...

I finished my 3rd A and P test today, the term is flying by and I feel so good about the whole term!  Its nice to feel like I am juggling things well! 

My life is twice as busy now than a year ago, and I feel like because I have to manage my time better, I spend more quality time with the kids.  Micah's hours are through the roof right now, but even he usually makes it home by 6 for dinner and family time. 

The boys are growing by leaps and bounds and with each new stage I get to know my boys better.  They are forever changing and growing.  Miles is in the pre-twos stage and it is so fun.  I was horribly sick with Miles when Mason was going through this and I didn't have the patience and energy to enjoy it.

Can I just say how very much in love with Miles I am.  Tonight we had a growling war, he would get right in my face and cover my glasses with spit and growling for all his little heart.  

He loves to be tickled, and now he will tickle back. 

He is talking like crazy and we love to listen to Mase and he talk (I couldn't translate if I tried), we are sure they are planning a hostile take over.
 He was so mad going to bed, he fell asleep on the floor (he really showed me)
I just wanted to snuggle up with him on the floor... instead i moved him to our bed.

So presh!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our New Place

Our new place, well its still kinda new to us.  This post is for my mom so she can get an idea of our living space!

The kids are loving the extra space and I have high hopes of one day getting Mason to sleep in his own bed!
The front of our place...its a little older but we love it!

Awe my poor uncarved pumpkins, I swear I left them uncarved because I wanted them to make it thru to fall decor (it couldn't possibly be that dealing with the kids around pumpkin guts was just too much for me )

I took this picture standing next to the pumpkins... that is one of my BFF's  home.  How very lucky am I to live this close, how lucky is she to have me so close? 

 Our lives are so busy, and we struggled to see each other when I lived a mile away.  Now we stop by in the evenings and our kids play in the driveways and street, when we first moved in (during the warm summer evenings)  we would break out the camp chairs and cheer for each child as they ran past!  

The next few years here while I work towards my RN and Kristy works towards her Masters, are going to be so much fun! 

I have visions of a shared driveway in our future... now to get Micah and Cam to agree!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a couple of patches...

We took the boys to pick out pumpkins the weekend before Halloween, it was such a blast and the boys were so adorable! 

I love that the Pumpkin Patch is becoming a family tradition and that the boys are finally really starting to participate. 

These moments make my heart smile, on days like this I feel so thankful to be their mother.

The Hay Maze was a huge hit!  The boys would probably still be their if we would let them!

The Hay Ride, was a hit!  Miles made friends with everyone around him, he is our little show off!
He has a Mouth for Pie!

Awe presh!

Our little family, I am out numbered... just a little bit!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well hello November

Where has the time gone... I keep thinking I need to get crackin on my Halloween stuff, and then I remember we took it all down already.  Holy Hannah where in the world did October go, I swear it was just here.   

I still need to do a quick recap of the spooky holiday

I originally wanted to dress the boys like hobo's and have them walk around carrying signs " Occupy Trunk or Treat"  and " Fill my bucket or I'll Occupy your yard" ... seeing as how the Occupy movement is a hot topic and I have a short temper we recycled costumes and the boys cared not at all!

The boys did not want pictures taken, so I tried and then just gave up!  Miles trying to get behind the couch and hide from me... 

Mason removing his costume for the 3rd time... he just wanted to go as a little boy... um NO!!!

Miles figured out the Cake walk fairly quickly, Mason didn't bother he just stole cupcakes and ran!  I think he was the only person on a number, and he was just waiting for them to call him up...such a cutie!

After we realized what Mase was up to, Micah took him through the spook alley to distract him.

For the next week he would tell us all about it and then he showed us over and over again how the monsters growled... Micah and I have been laughing since the party.  His scary growls are hilarious, and the way he says scared is adorable (imagine over emphasis on each letter, long and drawn out).

The kids made off like bandits, and I let them pig out Friday night... then I traded them all of their candy for Cars 2 (not the best trade, but it worked!)

Well thank goodness Halloween is over!  Its my least favorite holiday... now on to the good ones!!