Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where was I ten years ago!

Ten years ago...
1) I was a Jr in High school
2) Living in AZ still
3) Working at Athlete's Foot
4) Cheering in High school
5) Crushing on half the football team (hello my names Melinda and I'm boy crazy)

To do list...
1)Hang out in Portland
2)Meet Micah and his co-workers for Bad Ass beer night
3)Play with Mason
4)Window shop (I'm crushing on the Hobo International "Lauren" Wallet)
5)Track down a cell phone charger

1-5)In the words of Dave Chappell... I'm rich bitch!

Where have I lived...

My work history
1)KFC... mmmm
2)Marie's Salon/spa
3)5 buck
5)Holiday INN (the worst 3 days of my life)

I tag you all...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words can not express...

My husband is the ying to my yang!! I know how cheesy, but I need to take a minute and give Mic a standing ovation! Micah has been working 70-90 hour weeks lately, he gets up every morning at 4 or 5 and works until he gets ready for work, he doesn't get home usually until after 7 or 8 he will eat with us and relax for an hour and then its right back to work until 12. He doesn't stop on the weekends either, some how he finds a way to do 10-15 hrs of work and hang out with Mason and I.

He is amazing, under the stress I would have wilted or given up... not Micah he pushes through just like he was raised to do and he still makes time for his family. Micah I love you so much and I will always believe that you can do anything


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy birthday Uncle Jared!

In honor of his Uncle Jared's birthday Mason rolled over for the first time on purpose! I know my son is lazy! It took us a while to get motivated. Actually I just left some (clean) diapers out and that was incentive enough for our lil guy to roll to. Apparently all the times I have put toys just out of his reach was not enough, he needed something better, something he wasn't supposed to have.

Watch what i can do! (thanks mom for the cute outfit)

Are you watching?

See I Rock!

When I grow up I'm gonna play basketball just like daddy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We are all Equal....

I know I am going to take a ton of crap for this video, but I absolutely DO NOT AGREE with these people.

Okay, now to explain where I am coming from... In this world there are all types of people and I believe that God created us all different intentionally! There are straight and gay, black and white, male and female... correct me if I am wrong, but these differences are not new. In fact I would argue that these differences have been around since the beginning of recorded history. Women have fought for their rights and won, African Americans have fought for theirs also and won. Now I believe that the Gay community is fighting for their rights. I will confess that I don't necessarily agree with the gay lifestyle, but the fact remains that homosexuals exist and that they have families, pay their taxes, work hard, and contribute to society. I do believe that even the great city of Salt Lake had a gay Mayor. We as a society expect them to contribute and be a part of society, but we refuse to give them the same rights we ourselves enjoy! I believe that this is wrong!

We as parents lead by example. I believe that by refusing to discuss homosexuality in our homes and schools, we are contributing to our children's ignorance. In this life our children are going to come in contact with gays at school, at church, in public, and in the work force. It's a weak argument that: by learning about homosexuals our children will somehow turn out "gay." Using that logic, I would be much more worried about the things are children see on TV and in the movies. We must now decide to teach not only tolerance but also acceptance. We must learn to base our opinions on the individual and not the group. Its time to work together as a whole to achieve a better future for those who will come after us. The gay community is not going to disappear, or segregate themselves in San Francisco... away from the Christian Conservatives. They are going to be working, living, and growing next to us - contributing to our communities and country just as we do! I think that its now time that we have the common decency to stop condoning bigotry in the name of morality.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you registered???? Are you ready???

The Election is fast approaching and whether you are a liberal or a conservative, Democrat, Republican, or Other... it is so important that you exercise your right to vote, one person can make a difference!
I am a firm believer that if you don't vote you have NO RIGHT what so ever to complain... I don't want to hear you argue your beliefs, or condemn someone else's. If you don't vote you have given up those rights, you have allowed someone else to decide for you. For me, that would be the greatest punishment of all!

Where's the beef and the turkey wrapped in bacon and the grilled pineapple...

Can I just tell you how much we love to eat... after looking at these pictures of Micah and I we would say that we both REALLY REALLY love to eat! We have decided that it is time for us to find a new passion in life.

My parents were so awesome to take us to Tucano's as a belated birthday celebration for Mic. We gorged our selves (its a requirement when eating at any all you can eat buffet) and basked in our glory later

Mic had to dance while they sang to him

We love to watch him dance.

I love the family shots

Funny faces!

I do believe that drink might be spiked!

My guys sure love the meat.

My parents are the best!

My dad has always known how to make us laugh

My lil sister looks like a teenager, I'm not ready for her to grow up!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here comes the bride all dressed in white...

Finally the day has come when we can get these two hitched! We got out of bed bright and early Friday morning. DeAnn was all nerves, but when we finished with her hair and makeup no one could tell!

The Groom with the Bride for the first time that morning.

Micah with some of his siblings

The first dance of the night

Ladean right after she caught the bouquet... it was so funny DeAnn threw the bouquet 3 times; first to Ladean (Judy's Mom) who didn't want it, then to Brinley who did want it, but DeAnn decided couldn't have it (apparently there is an age limit), and last to the floor oops I think De decided it was safest there!

No pre-wedding jitters here...

Deann's last night as a free woman was so fun... We started off the night checking into the Hampton suites in Bountiful.

Then we went to dinner with he whole family, it was so much fun to see how they all interact together... what a fun bunch!
This is Deann with Mason and her cute daughters Hayley and Brinley!

This is DeAnn's friend Lisa... we took a thousand of these pics and Lisa held the camera on them all... can I just say most of them have only lisa in them... her lil arms are just not long enough!

How cute are these girls!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have not seen my friend Falisha in over a year and a half... we got pregnant within weeks of each other and often commiserated together over the phone! She delivered lil Leah almost 5 weeks before I had Mason... its amazing how we have taken major steps in out lives together. I am so grateful for her friendship and so happy we are moms together!

Monday, October 6, 2008

To grandmother's house we go!

And we are off, our first big adventure begins...

Bye daddy we will see you soon

I really had to pee and in the restrooms they had these lil chairs...poor guy he didn't know what to think!