Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WWJD... really?

So this is a bit of a funny, sarcasticy, ranty post! Just be forewarned!

So i went out with some girl friends last night to give Anna that one last hurrah before Aaron graces us with his sweet little self. We had lots of fun chatting about babies and mutual friends. When we left we were approached by one of the many homeless people in Eugene. Poor thing had led a life that was definitely showing on her face... (do you remember the bitter beer face commercial... that face) She asked us for money so she and her boyfriend could get back to there camp... no one had cash (we all paid w/ cards), but we did have out doggie boxes (mmm whiskey river bbq wrap) So my friend Liane did a totally sweet and selfless WWJD thing she gave this woman her leftovers... then the woman turned and looked at me like ok your turn hand it over... I did... ugh! She left us yelling to the boyfriend that had been hiding in the bushes, that she had left overs (oh yeah) I didn't think a whole lot of it and we remained in the parking lot chatting and saying our goodbyes... when I was leaving I saw that same homeless chick riding on a bike (stolen?) and talking on a cel phone! The nerve of that horrible person! I was so looking forward to eating that wrap today and... I really hope she falls off her bike and skins her knees!

So my question and realization from this lesson is... Its unfair to say WWJD, he has insider information! Those are horribly unfair standards! No one knows for sure how JC would act in one situation or another and asking his people to guess sets them up to be taken advantage of!

Now i realize that I have forfeited any and all blessings I may have received because I gave grudgingly, but I hate being taken advantage of and it irritates me when people expect a hand out instead of working for what they need... I will give no more to the vagrant of Eugene!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sea Lions & Elephants & Bears... oh boy!

Last Monday before Miki flew home we spent some time at the Portland zoo... it was so fun (they have snow cones my fav...I ate 3) We went more so we could kill some time, because Mason slept most of the time and we the only part he like was the swimming ducks and the train.

Aunt Miki and Mase infront of a really cool wall.

Mason loves to drive...thanks to Micah. When ever we drive up to Skinner's Butte in Eugene Micah gets Mason out and lets him play with the steering wheel... This Tractor was outside of the Black Bear exhibit and was dedicated to all the farmers who had lost their lives to bear attacks... hahaha

Mase was only slightly interested in the fish...

This big monster got his attention though

My kid won't keep socks or shoes on... I read somewhere that having them wear shoes and socks when they are learning to walk can hurt their ability to balance... I wonder if thats why I can't walk on a flat surface with out giving the impression I've been drinking.

Oh and I finished the Crayon Roll for my SIL Kellie's big sis Debbie (I just love you Debbie)... This fabric was given to me by one of the cute leaders of the Heart of the Home playgroup I attend, her daughter is the creator of this amazing site Two Tinas She sews amazingly cute things for Nordstroms and she has lots of scraps (she cuts off 7in from the bottom of every roll of fabric) her mom so generously shared some with me!

Debbie, I really hope you like it and better yet that your cutie pie angels do to!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Coast

We spend so much time on the coast it will oneday be more cost efficent for us to just buy a place to spend the weekends and summers by the sea.

I just love these two

Look at Micah's expression

Now check out Mase's... can anyone really doubt that they are related... my life consists of dealing with 2 grouches!

This place is called the Chowder Bowl its in Depoe bay and everytime we go to the bay we eat here mmmm its so yummy!

There is a sexual assault lawsuit pending... so I really can't comment on this picture. Other than to say this picture clearly shows the Hag falling into Micah... she is so lucky his hand just happened to be there... to catch her

45 miles South of Depoe bay lays this hidden cove, the walls of the surrounding cliffs shelter the beach from the constant wind on the coast the sand is not overly picked through and often people leaave with star fish and sand dollars tucked in a pocket... come for a visit and we will show you our beach!!! (that sounded a lil vulgar)

The waves are so awesome during high tide...

This light house sits just above the beach its a short 1/2 mile hike to the top... the view is well worth the walk!!

Now that I have given you the tour of our second home... come visit!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teenager in the house!!!

We were so lucky to have my little sister Makayla come and stay with us! Its a huge change to have a teenager in the house, however could I have forgotten what it was like to be a teenager... Like how

Its impossible to keep there room clean... or that cleaning their room consists of stuffing everything under the bed(good thing I just shut the door on this)

Teenagers like to sleep as late as humanly possible and the only thing that will rouse them is the smell of food

Getting an unwilling teenager to pose for a picture when they are not in the mood is impossible!

They find the wierdest ways of entertaining themselves... (those are water drops from one of Mase's bottles)

Poor Makayla we are not the funnest people in the whole world but we kept her entertained with food, movies, shopping and lots of road trips!

We did the Portland zoo and she was cracking me up the whole time!

I believe she can fly, I believe she can touch the sky... think about it every hmmmm hm hm SPREAD HER WINGS AND FLY AGAIN!

She was loving this Vanilla bean Frap, while we took the Max across downtown Portland... (there is no coffee in that)

This was At Depoe Bay... I love this picture!

When ever we roadtripped somewhere she was in the backseat with screaming Mason and listening to her music loud and playing her DS!

Feeding the ducks was so fun, Eugene is the only place with ninja ducks they attack anyone with bread!

We are so glad Miki decided to visit us for her spring break and we hope she had fun hanging out at our apartment and chillin with lil man!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

This has been a fun holiday and we have enjoyed having Micah with us for a whole day! Unfortunately, our house has a touch of the stomache flu and we enjoyed a day of togetherness in misery. In between boughts of worshipping the porcelain god on Saturday night, I decided to run to walmart for to do a quick basket for Mason... ummm empty aisles were all I found!

The Walmart aisles at 9 saturday night!

Mason only cried for a few minutes when we put him to bed on Saturday night, but when we went to check on him this is what we found.

My poor son...

This is him attacking his basket... the greedy little beast!

Here he is THRILLED that I bought him clothes, no one in the family, but me enjoys a new outfit!

I found this for 2 bucks and we spent the morning playing Horse... I gave up early and will remain a H-O-R until I agree to play again (lucky Micah).

Mason decided the new basket was his mouth!

Look how proud Mic is... can you see the lil hoops in his eyes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Honest opinions needed...

Would you pay money for this and if you would how much would you pay? Ok lets be honest, this isn't a skirt that would be too difficult for any mother with a sewing machine to make... granted it did take a whole nap time (which most moms don't want to spend on a skirt) Here is the link to the basic pattern I used click here

So I would really like an honest opinion... some constructive criticism

This is what Mason was doing while I stitched together the Rose for the bottom of the skirt

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh the Sea, the beautiful sea...

We decide at 5pm on Saturday to take a drive to coast... Micah had worked all day and could have worked through the night, but the day was so beautiful and warm so we packed the car with for a trip with Mase and out we headed. Our favorite beach is very small tucked between two rock ledges and a small river feeds into the ocean, the wind is blocked and the reef creates beautiful large day we will pay to have family pictures done on this beach. The water was too frigid even for our toes, but it was so peaceful watching the sun sink slowly into the ocean.

It was worth the 1 1/2 hour drive to get there, the carsickness I always get on curvy roads, mason crying on and off the whole trip... we need to betogether as a family! Its been a very long busy season and I have battled depression through it all. I only admitt to my spout of the blues, because some people seem to think I hold it (what ever 'it' is) together well... I don't and there were days my poor son stayed in his jammies and days I didn't shower or make dinner or clean and I would cry all day... As the season winds down and I have solid plans for trips and visitors I can feel myself coming back! I can see the stress of this time leaving my husbands shoulders and I thank god we made it!

So here is to a fun/happy/sunny summer, to more family time and a better strategy for next season! And a big giant thank you to Anna, she kept me off the ledge!

I love this place! I feel peace/content here...

When you wear a diaper any place is acceptable to take a "duke"! It stunk so bad! What could he have eaten to smell that aweful?

My handome guys... I love them soooo much!

Ahhh peace!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A weekend of projects...

I have caught the bug... the decorating bug (anything to help the time pass) This weekend I decided to make some changes to the decor of our apt (its about time) I also put the finishing touches on my baby shower gifts for Anna... and I started a very very small side business, so here they are tell me what you think!

I got 3 of these huge pictures for free in AK, (it pays to be nice to the maintenance guys) I love that they take up space, but the frames were all gold...yuck!

So I took apart the first picture apart and accidentally broke the glass (oops) I taped the other 2, and spray painted the frames black... poor mase got a front row seat!

All painted... phew! (this picture reminds Micah of Star Valley... precious!)

How sexy are these now

I know most of the people that check my blog have read/heard me mention my GF Anna, well she is 8 months pregnant with a lil boy! I wanted to make sure to give her something nice for her shower to show how awesome I think she is (because I wouldn't leave the house if it weren't for her), but I'm on a pretty tight budget... so of course I started sewing & sewing & sewing! I made several versions of everything (I couldn't get the colors right), so of course I have a few left overs...

When Anna opened her gift at the shower several of the women loved the different things I made... especially the crayon roll. So thus my lil venture for some extra pocket change.

Oh and Ava Dorney is getting the crayon roll... Debbie just tell me what her favorite colors are! (I'm guessing pink or yellow, I have this cute pink and blue print its fruity, although I am loving lime grn/brwn just what ever she likes!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

My 100th post and a "give me"!

Yeah my life is complete, I have some how managed to post 100 times on our blog... my new super power is ... journaling!!! (i was hoping for X-ray vision) Honestly its mostly that i love talking about my guys, and what better place to brag than the web! I really can't decided if making it to a 100th post is an accomplishment or proof that I need to get a few more hobbies!

So here are a couple of cutie pie pictures of Mason, taken today!!

our lunch was penne pasta... the perfect finger food for the ultimate lil do it your self-er... see how neat and clean he keeps himself!

Dessert was 1/2 an oreo... don't judge me! He did so good feeding himself, he earned it!

This is the awesome stroller I got (thanks Anna for watching the ads) $25 bucks @ Big lots!!

I keep thinking i should give something away to my loyal followers! (all 5 of you) So if there is something I have sewn (crayon roll, nursing cover, coffee cozy... ect) that you would love me to make for you... comment what your 'Give Me' is and Mic can pick who I will make something for!