Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cap'n Phil & a party

Cap'n Phil Harris from Dealiest CAtch visited Eugene... we of course went. Micah's favorite show is deadliest catch and while we lived in Alaska I cut alot of fishermen hair (no none of the crew, but everyone new or had worked w/ the captains and they were not a loved group... I believe they were most often refered to as SELL OUTS). After we waited in line for an hour and it didn't move we decided to take some pics on the sly and head out!

Cap'n Phil and his stoned son Josh... oh yeah he was totally out of it.

Mason playing in the sand at the Moss BBQ

He brought as much home in his diaper as he could fit.

We met some great new families at the party and decided to have a get together.
Ionly got a couple of pics because Mase decided to go Romeo on us and would hug the little girls and then fall backwards with them still wrapped up tight and then when he landed he would wrap his legs around them... make you own conclusions but I think we are going to have birds and the bees talk w/ him while he's still in pre school.

Tawny finally pulled lil Milly out of harms/Mason's way! I really did jump everytime he was headed at someone I just didn't always get there in time!

Micah and I enjoying some grown up conversation... Finally!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The many sides of Mase!!

I will put anything in my mouth still... my momma keeps waiting for me to out grow this stage!

I would rather sleep cuddled up to my daddy!

I have begun my career as a climber so far the bath tub, couch, pack n play, and high chair have been conquered!

I would rather be dirty and naked than anything else in the world and I won't sleep until I'm good and ready!

Mason has been a terror and we have been paying the price! We wouldn't change our lives for the world!

Girl's night out!

Micah works with some pretty awesome ladies and when one of these ladies got married they extended and invitation for me to join them for dinner and dancing!

We started off at steelhead for dinner and ended up dancing at some local night club full to the hilt with very young college kids. We had so much fun but we were dead before 12 and headed home. Funny story while we were out painting the town the daddies got together to watch movies and had a very sad impromptu bachelor party for the groom... can it really be a party with toddlers running around?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A camping we will go...

Micah and I have never been camping together... Seriously, not in 5 yrs! Our friends the Widmer's are super outdoorsie, when they say camping they mean hiking 10 miles into the wilderness and pitching a tent in the middle of no where... that is amazing and disturbing to me. They decided to go "Car" camping (a watered down version of their camping) and included us in their plans. We survived and now we are hooked! How could we not be, listening to the river following by the camp, the quiet hum of a busy forest, and smelling the many joints being smoked in the sites around us (I had a serious case of the muchies all night)! It was a perfect trip, in true Oregon fashion!

The Widmer family... RL decided to get in a little fly fishing... the next day he caught an 18in rainbow and he was seriously excited!

The babies finally went down sometime after 11 and the adults stayed up chatting until well after 1... Micah and RL talked shop all night!

Chocolate chip cookies make great breakfasts... they are part of the 8th food group!

The pack n play was not a hit, not even close!

My little monster... such a little man!

Micah and RL slept outside on a tarp, when we lifted the tarp we found 5 of these little guys under it, yuck!