Saturday, August 13, 2011

The park

Micah and I have some seriously busy schedules (ok mine is just erratic, but still I feel busy)  We are 2 ships exchanging cargo and then moving on.  The kids being the resilant monkeys they are have handled the whole thing like troopers (they are so tickled with more one on one daddy time, they don't notice I'm gone!)  We have tried to meet on at fun places for the exchange... like the park!

I took the kids last week and finally remembered to take some pics
 Lots of yummy fries
equal a happy boy!

I think i missed one

Just give me a sec... I'll get it

Mason's a little greedy with those fries...  poor Miles had a little fall and his nose stopped caught the brunt, our first bloody nose (I am sure we have lots more coming our way)

Once lunch was over, I was to busy chasing after the boys to take pics... I am sure you have a mental picture of our crazy chaotic boys!

Monday, August 8, 2011


We took the kids to the Aquarium in Newport last weekend.  We've decided to try and do lots of practice runs before we head to Disneyland (I think we are going in the next year, it all depends on the kids)  They are doing so good when we go out in public, baby steps for my boys!

Any who, the aquarium was a blast!  The boys explored and ran crazy over the whole place and it was perfect for 2 very active and crazy babies!

We made it!
He decided he wanted to get down and play too

They had a gator burrow for the kids to explore... can we say best 20 mins!
Miles didn't want to put down his drink to poise with Mase on the drift would sculptures... can't say I blamed him!  It was nice and warm outside!
The walrus...I have a very blurry pic of him kissing it!  YUCK, germs!!

This was at the end, and by far my fav!  It was a serious of underwater tunnels, we love fish!!!
The story of our lives, self pics that cut off parts of our faces (this was a better one, I found something to stand on!)

On a side not... I promise after we move I will figure out the whole camera issue.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mason is like an onion... he has many layers

With Mase what you see is not always what you get
I asked him if I could have one of MY fries... thats a negative mama

 Pretty sure he wasn't mad, it was just that Clinger look he gets sometimes....

The aquarium was a hit... leaving the aquarium not so much

I have had 8AM training for work the past couple of days... I took Mase to care this morning in his PJs and he was not thrilled, when he woke up at school in his Jams.  He wouldn't let me put him down, so we sat and had a talk.  He kept saying "mama shoes, SHOES!!"  I helped him dress and put on those shoes, as soon as the laces were tied he jumped off my lap, led me to the door by the hand,  pushed me onto the porch, open his arms for a hug and puckered for a kiss (which he always rubs off) and shut the door in my face.  It was closer to a slam, but shut seems nicer and less intentional.  If only all of life's stresses could be fixed with a change of clothes and tied laces... if you ask my mom she will see a new outfit makes everything better. 

Dang I love this kid!

My little slice of heaven

This little man keeps us hopping!  Thank goodness we love to hop!