Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We are still alive...

Just checking in, we are still alive, just super busy!  I have 2 papers due this week, a math test, and next week if finals and I have 4 finals to prepare for.... bare with me I will get back to the blog soon!

PS  I renewed my hair license and am having it transfered to Oregon... I'm only going to take 12 credits this summer instead of 14-15 so I decided I should work, and make some extra spending dough... I've lost a little weight and need some new threads... life is good, super high stress, but I am really loving being so busy!

Wish me luck on my finals, Anatomy is slowly sucking the life out of me, but I am determined to get a B (I know my standards have slipped a little, but science is not my forte)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

M.A. Basketball!

The inter-office Basketball game happened!  Micah came, he played, his team conquered! 
Mic was getting ready to go to the game and had an epiphany, we (me and the rug rats) should come and support .  I am all for a family adventure... until I have a bad mom moment in public!

 The game was played at an LDS church house and for those of you unfamiliar with the layout, the only safe place to watch from is the stage.  Sitting on the stage lost its appeal for Mason after about 15 mins.  He was bound and determined to get on the court and play with the big boys.  It became a running joke that if he fell he would bounce, as hyper as he was acting.  I worked really hard to keep him safe until Miles started acting up in his stroller, and then I became distracted for just a minute... and Mase did indeed bounce!  When he hit the ground he didn't cry, or even whimper, no my boy jumped to his feet and ran into the middle of the game.  Now you may be asking what was his mother doing?  I started laughing from the moment he hit the floor, (I will admit that I laughed before I knew he was ok; it had more to do with the fact that he had escaped and won than that he fell) while he chased Mic and the ball, and while he played with his new BFF Scott!  I giggled out the door, and on the way home... it was just one of those moments.

 Instead of checking for broken bones, I went for the camera!  Scott is the blurred guy in the black shorts!  I keep meaning to call is wife (my sweet friend Steph) to make a play date! 

Mase was so proud to be on the floor with the big boys!

The final score... (I tried to think of a fun little Accountant, CPA cheer... and then I realized fun and CPA don't mix!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring game!

Micah gets depressed when duck football is over.  Its a combination of his favorite sport being done, and the beginning of busy season.  February and March are blue months for Mic... seriously its Postpartum for men!

The spring game is the beginning of summer, its the beginning of Audit (Mic's passion), and it marks the start of all of our trips to the coast (although this year we haven't had the time...yet)
 We sat at the top of the stadium, it was perfect for the kids
It was along walk, to the stadium... Mason ran most of the way, zig zag over the cracks!

 Miles was so tired, but he wasn't going down with so much going on around him
Mason decided that throwing his sippy down the bleachers was AWESOME!  That was our que to leave!

All in all the spring game was a success, we had to leave early for a benefit dinner that evening (thats another awesome post) but taking the kids was so worth it.  Micah is so excited for that point when they want to go to the game and watch with him (its sad to me that, that time is just around the corner).