Sunday, December 26, 2010


This year we stayed home, started some of our own traditions.  Like Miles, untrimming the tree, over and over and over again!   Or the kids opening anything wrapped under the tree on everyday but christmas morning (we still have a couple of unwrapped gifts to go, not because we had a ton for the kids, but because by gift 3 they were both done), and my new fav kill the spider that just crawled off the tree! 
Miles loved the tree sooooo much!

Santa brought Mase Tonkas galore
(he was in heaven watching Despicable Me, and playing Tonkas)

Mase stole every gift that was Miles, and did his best to rub it in... 
Aaahhhh these precious traditions, we will come to treasure for years to come!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank goodness for the police!

I was preparing to take a quick over night trip with the kids out the the coast, I sent the kids to a half day at Daycare for pictures and so I could take some time to get ready to leave.  At 1230 I was searching for my keys (I always miss place them at home) so I could go and get the kids, when I got a call from Catherine at the Daycare.  She was calling to tell me not to come, she said the street was blocked off by police, the SWAT team was out in full gear, and everyone was wearing visible bullet proof vests (if they show, do they count)

She said, she had run outside when the first couple of officers where out of there cars, yelling that this was a daycare and there were small children inside.  They directed her back to the house (the kids go to a registered in home care center in a nice area) and then they blocked her drive way with vehicles and several officers stood outside her place.

My first reaction was laughter (I must be completely off my rocker), it helped me keep the hysterics at bay.  They directed her to keep the kids away from the windows and in the back of the home.  When she made that statement I said I'm calling Micah and then I'm calling the station.  I told her I trusted her and her judgement and told her to keep my babies safe (she may have started to cry at this point, I don't know I hung up)  I called Micah and he started searching online for any breaking news.  I called the station and the dispatch person, said that they had the situation contained and where now dealing with a large crime scene.  At this point I started freaking (our new obsession is Dexter and my imagination was running away with me), I called Micah back to give him the 411 on the situation and headed for the car.

When I got there the road was blocked off, and only the people not wearing uniforms but carrying badges(detectives I think) where getting behind the yellow tape. The officer standing at the tape was looking a little hounded, and very unhappy with anyone coming near his yellow plastic.  I told him in my best adult "impression" what he was going to do, and when he started to refuse I told him to contact his superior. It took 5-7 minutes, 5 phone calls, and him requesting that I step back from the tape 3 times, before I got an escort to the kids... but I got to my babies!

The kids were not ready to leave and as I grabbed blankets, Mason headed for the door.  He easily dodged the officer and made it almost to the crime scene, before the man caught him and carried him back down the street and placed him solidly in his car seat.   The entire time he carried Mase he held him extended from his body, with his arms pinned to his sides facing away from him (it was like he had a bomb).  I would have laughed, but I was a little nervous with the first of 2 Swat buses trying to pass around us.

We headed out of town as fast as we could!

Here is  The link to the story

This is what it looked like when I pulled in

The officer I abused to get to my babies (poor guy)  All the action was at least 1/4 of a mile farther back, and the actual shooting was in a cul de sac off of this street.

I am very grateful to the Eugene Police Department for responding quickly to this situation.  I feel awful for the mans family, I have no sympathy for him and as far as I'm concerned the police did the right thing shooting him ( I'm sorry, but being a Veteran does not give him the right to run around like an idiot randomly firing a weapon and to endanger my kids,  he's lucky the police got to him before I did).  I have real issues with Veteran's acting like idiots and then playing the Vet card as an excuse for their bad behavior.  I think that our local service departments deserve the same respect that we give to Veterans, they work hard keep us safe and get paid crap (they sound the same to me)!  


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When did my side of the bed get so lumpy?

I went to get into bed a minute ago and look at what was there instead...   I love that the sippy (still called a baba) and the car both made it into bed with him!  He hoped the gate from his room and climbed in bed with Micah, quietly layed down facing the baby (Miles had flipped around in his crib and his head is pointed at Mase) and went to sleep.  All this was done while I was reading in the living room, I seriously didn't hear a peep!

My little 007 jr, he prefers his chocolate milk shaken not stirred...

As he gets bigger and more independent, these are the moments I will look back on (with a mixture of relief, and longing)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mom get out your checkbook... I got a 4.0

I just got an email from my Psychology professor, that reads:


I want to personally compliment you for your hard work and dedication, you are now one of the tops in the class. Great work, girl.

David Leung

I spent double the amount of time on this class than I did any other, and I royally failed my second test, to the point that he told me if I couldn't handle his class I would never make it through any of my Anatomy/ Physiology classes...  So I cried, buckled down, and joined a tutoring group.  I just figured my grade at a 97.3

I'm on my way up, I don't doubt that it will get harder from here, but I right now I am just enjoying this moment!   I had to share my little success!

Mom, remember when I was in 4th grade and you promised me 5 bucks for every A, I am totally cashing in that offer!

PSY201       A
WR121        A
HDFS226    A
MTH 60       A

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Daddy came through on a business trip..

My Dad swung through on a whirl wind trip, we were lucky to see have him stay over night with us, and the kid were so excited to him!  These are the only pics I thought to get, dang!  When Mason saw my dad he got this giant grin on his face, ran to him and they hugged forever.  It was a heart warming moment, I'm so glad my son loves his gradpa!
Miles was thrilled to get a little extra attention!

They were the best couch TV pals!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving continued...

Black Friday!
Did you know that the bible has a very specific date listed for when the end comes, but don't worry even though these crazies think they have less than 6 months to live, they were still out taking advantage of
Best Buy's Black Friday deals!  (someone should remind them that they can't take it with them)

Kellie and I braved the crowds to get a some great deals, and have some girl time! 

When we got home, it was football heaven (seriously, all football, all the time), I actually enjoyed it (surprise, surprise right).  Micah was in heaven!

Saturday we woke up to snow!  YEAH!  I came down stairs with our little lark at 7:45 to see that Gabe had already been out to leave tracks!  When I asked him what he was doing, he said "don't worry I asked my mom"  such a smart little stinker.

Mase refused to be left out!

He enjoyed himself so much that, we almost couldn't get him back in.  I had to run after him barefoot a few times, what a way to wake up!

That evening Mase snuggled with both Kellie and Charles, so glad he loves them!

All too soon it was time to go home.  Why is it when your having fun, time flies?  I can't wait to for Thanksgiving 2012, this is turning into a great tradition!

**On a side note I should be studying for my math final, I just needed a minute (that turned into 20)... wish me luck my final is this evening and I'm freaking out!  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in Callifornia

The month of November has flown.  Thanksgiving came and went way too quickly and I wish so much that I could have paused some of our time in California.  So heres a recap of our Thanksgiving Holiday. 
We were so lucky to get invited to spend Thanksgiving with Micah's brother Charles and his family at a cabin on Lake Shasta.  We took off Wednesday afternoon and drove a couple of hours south to Lakehead, CA.  The kids did great on the way down, we didn't hear a peep until Medford (almost 3 blissful hours of us time!)  When we got there we unloaded and got settled.  The kids slept with us (of course) and this is what they looked like just about everymorning... Miles is our lil lark and Mase is the night owl, it was a night mare trying to get them to bed everynight (mase woke miles and miles woke mase... precious i know) 

Kellie said she would do the whole Thanksgiving dinner if I would make the rolls (I yelled yes from the top of the my lungs)  Mase fell asleep during dinner so we let Miles have what was left of his meal.
He was in heaven... (stuffing and mash potatoes)

He was so pissed when we took the tray away.

Thanksgiving was so fun, every other year with the Clinger's is turning into a tradition (my new fav)!.... more to come

For now I have a paper to finish... finals week here I come!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another use for Marshmallows

I mentioned in the last post that Tuesday is share day for Mason.  My SIL had the absolute best idea for Thanksgiving share day. 

So stinkin cute right!  Mason, Micah, and I made these after Miles went to bed tonight.  Such a fun family project. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

MMMM Chocolate...

Every Tuesday at daycare is share day, show and tell, and every Tuesday Mason wants to bring something to share.  Mama Catherine tells me that Mason always has to be the one to share, and makes sure that everyone has a toy, is happy...  he is the ultimate helper.  So every other Tuesday I try and have something for him to share that's a homemade treat.  We've done cookies, and Halloween treats, and this week it was brownies!  My little assistant helped me whip up a batch of brownies and he ran off with the spoon!

He ran to Micah, who was in the tub and helpless to fend off the spoon thief!
Seriously, how cute is that chocolate covered face?

School is going well, as well as can be expected.  So far I have A's in all my classes.  Who would have thought that if I did my HW and went to class I would pass (not me)!  I tend to procrastinate somethings, like math to the night before, oops!   Although, school is going good Micah and I are still trying to find a healthy rhythm, like he vacuums and I do the dishes (we are still in that I get pissed, slam around the kitchen, give him a few one word answers and then he takes out the trash[ my communication skills are really up there I know]).   We'll find our rhythm and then well tackle laundry! 
I am so grateful to all my awesome GFs, even though my time with them is usually when I'm driving to school or home, so far they still answer when I call. 
Thanks for all the sweet emails, happy messages, and prayers, I feel like I don't say thank-you enough, and that I will never be able to return the favors  (enough with my stor-imony) 
We are good, alive, living in filth, but totally content!

See the dirty carpet! 
This was Mase this morning, he was ready to go back to sleep on the carpet. (the little stinker, decided to stay up and do HW w/ me)  I had to carry him sleeping, in the rain out to the car, where he slept until we got to Mama Catherine's and then he was so excited he wouldn't even wave bye to me (as long as he's not crying I'm good)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You know its time to start a diet when...

you get the family pics back and can't find yourself... I swear I was standing infront of Micah... oh wait!?!  CRAP!!!  I have decided that it must have been the camera, did you know it adds 50 lbs (me either)!?

I made this one big, because I laughed all night about this... Mic, our pissy kids, and I are standing on one side and everyone else is looking sweet on the other.  Look at Miles, hahaha, he was done!

Seriously, who is that chick infront on Micah?

Mason cried in almost all of the shots

Blah, I have a gym pass, its no ones fault but my own!

Mic saw this and said "I really am big", finally he is coming out of his denial and will stop trying to wear Mason's clothes (just picture it)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our first pet...

Micah and I have been taking turns grocery shopping and on the night he went, he accidentally let a visitor in.  After he left I pulled out the vacuum, to clean up and noticed a quick movement in front of Miles.  When I looked closer this little friend was making himself at home.

He was so tiny, I can't believe I even saw him! 
The boys and I put him outside, so that one day he will find an available princess to kiss him and turn him back into the a handsome prince!  (We've watched a lot of the Frog Princess lately)
Adieu mon ami! 

A very Sesame Halloween

Isn't Elmo a doll!!
 Please excuse the load of Laundry in the background

Miles was a little unsure of the guy in RED

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yell-O babies!

 Our sweet little ducklings

Consider yourself Owned!

First day jitters

I haven't been completely open with everyone about going back to school, why?  Ummm because there is a good chance with 2 kids and a husband who travels a ton I might flunk out... I hope not, I'm working like a dog!

The kids are in daycare and loving it!  Mason's talking like a crazy, he is eating better and he gets to play and run with a group of kids his age everyday.  I did some crazy research to find a good place to leave the kids...
and the woman I found is an Angel!  She loves the kids and they love her, they are blossoming under her care.

My first day we were up at 530 and this is how the kids looked sleeping in our bed... ahhhh precious!

A visitor.... Finally!

Uncle Ty came to say hi...

Look how quickly I turned this into a guest room!
We were so boring, we don't do a whole lot.  Thanks for hanging with us!

Tyson wasn't thrilled that I caught him on camera!

We went out to watch the Ducks win

4 1/5 Month

My boys are starting to look different... When did this happen Miles you can't grow up

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our new DO's

Mase and I both got hair cuts. He got a trim and I got wacked!

I love love love this picture!  and the awsome hair... he has decided that letting me fix it takes way too much time.  So, most morning I can be seen chacing Mason around our place with a palm full of Mousse! 

Its Perfect!!!  Why do none of my regular family pics look like this... both eyes open, great makeup, minimal double chinage aaaggghhh!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Great grandparents!

We love our Great Grandparents!

Awe love this!

The hours I spent playing with these verysame Tinker Toys! 

31 reasons to love him

For Micah's b-day this year I through him a Ducks football suprise party!  The suprise didn't last 3 days, but its the thought that counts.  I reserved our clubhouse, invited all of his/our friends and we watched the Ducks stomp ASU!   I totally forgot to bring my camera, and I would have gotten in trouble for the flash any ways... we had 30ish peeps show and everyone brought food and there duck gear... Micah says it was the perfect party for him!  Definately top 3!

Happy Birthday you sexy beast! 
Now show me your OOOOO face!


Utah... we came, we saw, we left!  Our trip in pics!

Mason watched movies the whole way... such a good boy!

We met Judy-O and the Dickster in Pocy for lunch!
Mom treated us to Pedi's... thanks Mom!

Mason loved helping Grandpa Mow the lawn

Quick story, My nephew E called me out on my bike skills... so I had to teach him a thing or two!  I wrecked, but still I did showed him a thing or two.

Why is it that I got stuck pushing the gas pedal for Toddlers... You can see my new short do!  LOVE IT!
We had so much fun... I only wish we could have seen more family and friends, we missed Micah while he was in Idaho working... but all in all a successful trip!