Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're Back....

Our last day in Canada was our favorite! We spent the night in this cute little motel in Cache Creek, BC only to wake up and see this awesome Castle hotel a parking lot over from were we slept. We had so much fun we finally got away from the snow and cold and found Hope... seriously this little town called Hope in the middle of no where was the place I want to retire! It was so cute and sunny and green oh how wonderful it is to see green. We also found out that Hope, BC is where 'First Blood' the first Rambo movie was filmed! Micah got his pic taken as rambo, I personally think he looks and sounds more like The Terminator!

We made it into Washington this afternoon, ready to start all over again!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Greatings from Canada

So far we have been doing really good... Kade and DeAnn are real troopers! We have been blessed with beautiful weather and clear roads... so far so good! The weather report says that we should have snow tomorrow. We have been having so much fun with the walkie-talkies that Kade brought. Micah and I are having a good time and I hear constantly "babe, remember to stretch you legs and wiggle your toes" he is so cute with me and the baby!

Kade & DeAnn at the border

Micah & Kade at the border

Micah & his little house!!! AGH can I just tell you how big I feel and I still have 11 weeks to go!

Watson Lake we love this place

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kade and DeAnn made it!

We picked up our poor tired travelers at 1 am in the morning(3 am their time). On the way home we saw 2 moose almost like I planned it! We got them settled and ready to for bed and ended up staying up chatting for 2 hours before we headed to bed. We had to be up at 7 for the movers and as soon as the movers started going I kicked Micah out the door to work and Kade and DeAnn out to go sight seeing. The movers got done finished finally later that afternoon, and we all headed to Sour Dough to suprise DeAnn's little brother Elder Barney! Then we took a drive around the Turnagain Arm out to Girwood it was so fun!

This is Cutie Pie DeAnn with Micah's brother Kade and her little brother Elder Barney we all went to dinner at Sour Dough!

I do believe I am almost as big as that Mountain behind me!

Us on the Turnagain Arm, our last look for a while!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Neighbors....

I was leaving for work the other day and as I pulled out of our drive way there stood a cow moose and her calf! I was so excited... we see moose all the time but I still can't get used to how amazing they are! I drove the long way out so I could get a good pic of them and if you look at the momma's back legs she is missing one from the ankle down. I think she must have stepped in a trap. We have a problem here with trappers. I personally think that its not very sporting, we do have the guns...Hellllo, that usually means we win.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our trip to Seward...

Micah had to do a little audit in Seward so I went with him for a fun day trip! We had fun wandering around this little town in Alaska. It was the so nice to get out and take a drive! Although I have to say that we did this trip at the end of January and it took me that long to get the pics off the camera. I am going to do better I promise!

We drove around Seward and found the coolest little waterfall coming down the side of the mountain and going right into the inlet!(Micah is so cute)

It was so cold I was trying to show my breath to Micah and of course he took the pic then.

This was on the way home, I thought it was so pretty!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two weeks to go!

Sooo...for those of you who don't know, Micah and I are moving to Eugene, OR. We are so sad to leave all our new friends and a company that is like family! The opportunity to be closer to family is to great for us to to not jump at the chance. We are preparing to leave Alaska by going to all our favortie places and eating at all our favorite restaurants.

This is us at Simon & Seaforts!

Us at dinner with the beautiful Knik Arm in the background. ( Micah loves this pic, I think I look like a small house,ugh the joys of pregnancy!)

We are so excited for Micah's brother Kade and his fiance Deanne to come and visit... they are so great to come and drive one of our cars home! They are so brave to spend that much time traveling with us!