Monday, January 31, 2011

So tired...

My poor men are all sick... it started last night with Micah and I leaving a movie early because Mase had thrown up and being up all night with him.  I considered taking him in, I worry about dehydration.  So I called a nurse (I know a few) and after checking a few things decided to wait...Mase finally stopped puking at 3 ish and I tagged Mic in to sit with him and headed to bed.  I got up at 7 (Miles let me sleep in) and found Mic sick with the same bug.  Today has been a messy gross day, but I love when Mase is sick... he just wants to be held and he just wants him mama.  I'm dead on my feet, and the only reason I'm up now is because I'm waiting on a load of sheets, we have 2 sets and Mase has burned through both in the last hour.  Thank goodness Monday is a study day and not an actual class day.  

Hope nobody else is dealing with a stomach bug! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sweet Life of Mase...

Who needs P90X when I have Mason.  Seriously, if he doesn't have us in stitches laughing our butts off, then he has us ready to kill him!  One day we will look back on all these pictures and laugh until we cry...

You all are welcome to do so now!

No one else is allowed to use the snuggie on the weekends

If mom can wear flowers in her hair than so can he

He knows that the remote = power!

If his "momma" says no then he trades her in for a new "momma"

Every toy in the house was his first and if Miles even looks sideways at one it becomes his again!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its been LIKE forever!

Life in the Clinger house has been in a word Chaotic!  With school starting up again and busy season on the horizon, we (I) are feeling the pressure.  I wish so much that I was wonder woman and that I could juggle it all.  Instead I am balancing on one foot and starting to tip over, TIMBER!!!  I took on alot this term, MEdical Terminolgy, Biobonds (Chemisty and Biology co-requisits), and Math 65... I do 20 hours of homework a week and I am still hanging on by me finger nails.  I will admit that I might have bit off more than I can chew, but I am determined to have another stellar term... 

Here are a couple of shots of our life right now!
A typical morning for us, I park the kids infront of the TV with cereal and Disney while shower and do hair and Make up all in 15 mins (this is why I normally look like HELL during the week)

Game day...  I turned on the Portable DVD player, so they had something to entertain themselves with and watched as they loved each other

Can you feel the love!

True story... today we lost Miles, he just crawled away!  Micah and I ran frantically through the house looking for him... he had crawled in to the Closet and was kicking the doors.  I wish we would have let him go, he might have taken a nap in there!