Thursday, December 1, 2011


We changed our plans kind of last minute (sorry Kellie), and decided to stay home and have some family time.  Micah has been so busy with work and traveling that we haven't had much time together as a family.  In fact he has been gone 3 of the last 4 weeks.  Life is incredibly busy!  

Any who, back to thanksgiving, we stayed in Eugene and I cooked  (AAAHHHH)  and I burned the bacon for the green beans, and that was it!!!  Don't worry I had more bacon and I had plenty of little fingers and a couple of big ones that were happy to take the crispy bacon off my hands!  Seriously, I didn't ruin one darn piece of our dinner!  

We enjoyed our time together so much, so very much!  We played games and worked with Mason on his speech.  We built forts, and wrestled... we enjoyed cars 2 for the millionth time... and for the most part we just enjoyed finally being together and having time to enjoy each other! 

I don't have one picture to share, I didn't once pick it up!  I was busy loving my family and building a few treasure memories.

I hope you all had a wonderful vacation, and that your treasure chest of memories grew too!