Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Idea of a Perfect Day!

We had the perfect day I swear! We got up at 7:45 am Saturday and took our time getting ready! We left the apartment at 10 am and headed to Newport OR. Along the way we stopped at our favorite Mennonite Bakery. The best homemade goodies in the world and she only opens on Fridays and Saturdays. We ate her yummy homemade donuts in the most idyllic place, a beautiful gazebo, rocking in the most comfortable rockers surrounded by the smells of a working farm (no manure I swear, only flowers and fruit trees) and a cool breeze coming off the mountains. We left there sometime before noon and made our way to Newport and then on to a little tiny town called Depoe Bay, OR. We had lunch on the boardwalk then took our time wandering the little town, walking along the coast, and shopping in the cute little stores. Before we left we toured the city's whaling museum and spotted whales spouting just off the coast. As we made our way home we stopped at Heceta Beach snuggled between two large cliffs that block the constant breeze of the coast. Mason was able to wiggle his toes in the sand for the first time! Our evening was spent at RL and Joanne's place watching U of O trounce Washington. I could not have wished for a more perfect day!

Lunch at the Chowder Bowl, mmmm!

Mic loves the ocean, if he can help it we will probably always live close to the water!

There was a really strong breeze in Depoe Bay, it kept the tempature perfect!

He didn't grunt or cry so we are thinking he liked the beach

Mason's little friend Maeli (RL and Joanne's lil girl) she is exactly 3 weeks younger than Mason, how cute are these two.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome Lil Benjamin!!!

Yeah I have been wanting to post about my new nephew for 3 weeks, but I wanted to have pictures to add to the post so I have been patiently nagging everyone in my family!! Little Ephraim is a BIG brother, and from what Cami says he is loving having a baby in the house!

Look at that cute cheeser, he is one proud brother!

You can tell they are going to be great buddies!
I talked to lil Ephraim today and he told me my sister hasn't been going to church, because she has to say home with the baby. So I told him to call her a Sinner... you would think I taught that little boy a bad word!!! He said it over and over and over, and it wasn't quite sinner it was more like son-her! Next time I will try a bad word and see how that goes! (Sorry mom its just too funny!!!)

He's got wheels and he is going places!

Bubble beards!!! Those are the best!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

To binky or not to binky...

Its been another week of sameness... and I have to be grateful for normalcy! Mason and I are working on building a routine, and basically, he still rules the roost! I love the time we spend together and I am getting better at juggling this whole mom thing. I no longer feed him every hour just because he grunts, I don't change him just because he threw up on his outfit, and I allow strangers to hold him (within reason) when we are out.

Again here are some pictures of us and things we have done lately!

We started the binky this week. Can you see him holding it in?

My little bed hog, I need to hide the camera from Micah, I hate these early morning pictures

We decided to head to Cottage Grove and go to the a little country fair! It was very little and full of very unique individuals who probably smoke a lot of pot and make a conscious choice to not bath. Micah thought it was ridiculous and I of course loved it! I really wanted to do the pony ride for me not Mase! I had to settle for pictures instead. Next year Mason and I are all over it!

This was the game area, there really wasn't much.

I love this little train, they have one in Star Valley for the 24th, this one looks a little more safe! (probably because its top speed was 5 mph, in the valley its the faster the better)

I love this pic (I had to take it all stealth like) this poor kid was the only kid on the train and he looked tortured as his mom took pictures of him. Poor kid: overbearing mother, chubby, curly red hair... I bet he has a great personality!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grin and bare it... Grin and bare it!

Poor Mason, now that he smiles we are constantly in his face with the camera. We wonder if he constantly is thinking that we are the biggest Dorks he knows! We have been going to the movies alot lately 2-3 a week... Mason does so good and its a great way to really get out of the heat. Here is our life this past week in a few photos!

This chair has saved my life. Mason loves the vibrations, and I take him with me all over the house as I go through my day.

Mason goes through these stages as he wakes up, its too funny! If you look closely you can see he is still asleep.

He starts to stretch and yawn...

And then he starts grunting; this is Mason mid grunt

Micah holding Mason at the end of a movie

Micah made me promise to post this... every morning this is what he wakes up to! He is such a lucky man!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mason is 6 weeks old!!!!

We made it 6 weeks and Mason is still growing and healthy!!! We aren't bad parents! I was sure we needed to adopt pets, before we had children to make sure we could care for another living thing, but Mason decided to grace us with his presence before we got around to the pet thing! I can't tell you how relieved I am that things have gone smooth so far, translation: I haven't called my mother crying, yet!

Our weeks are blending together, and we are amazed to see our son, (can I just tell you that is the weirdest thing to say), grow and change right before our eyes. Seriously, he is like a weed on miracle grow!

I finally got him smiling, not his best, but hey its on film!

He and Mic have a special relationship (it's called pick on Momma)

I think it's neat to measure his growth by a basketball

He looks so annoyed

We have almost matching robes, poor kid matching with his Mama

A little grin up close and personal.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bath time and Nap time

Bath time is Mason's favorite time it just took us a while to learn how exactly he likes his bathes. They have to be more than just warm and I have to fill the tub all the way to the top. If his little legs can float, his hands can splash and the water goes over his belly he is happy. We are having so much fun just figuring out what Mason likes and what really pisses him off. He still doesn't cry (Micah is worried that something is wrong with him, some one tell my husband how lucky we are) the last time he did was when they snipped his tongue! At night our little guy is so funny, he is the loudest sleeper! He grunts, sighs, and farts all night long! Micah hasn't had a good night sleep yet.

Mason used daddy's bath water first

Can you see how content he is

He can't sleep unless he has his arms out from his body

Swaddling does not work it just really pisses him off