Sunday, May 30, 2010

First week as a family of 4

Our home is full of healing people...

Miles is healing from his circumcision
Mason is healing from a ruptured ear drum, and hives
Mic is healing from all the studying he has been doing for the last 18 months
I'm healing from a C-section

All we do is sleep, seriously it been a week of naps!

 Snoozing on the couch

On our vibrating chair

On the floor w/ big brother!
(Thank you so much for the adorable blanket Kira!! )

Miles' Birth Story

I slept about 3 hours, I would love to say it was nerves, but for the most part I had started a book and I just couldn't put it down (lame I know) 
4:30 I reluctantly rolled out of bed to, shower, put on make up and get my hair cute! (I wanted to look good for babys first pics) 
5 I woke Micah up, got him showering and reminded him to shave.
540 running late as usual we ran out the door with a sleeping Mason, bottle of milk, and over night bags for Mase and I.   Mentally I was making a list of the all the things I had forgotten. 
550 Micah dropped me off at the hospital, late for my own surgery... I checked in, declined the wheel chair, and tried to hurry the mousiest woman I have ever met along, she asked 3 different times if I thought the cost of living in Cali is more than Oregon... I don't care lady I'm late!
610 Finally got the annoying woman checking me in to take me to the nurses so I could get changed, and hooked up to the machines.
611 Appologized to the nurses, and we ran throught the pre op stuff in record time
720 Micah made it back from dropping Mase, at my friend Alexis' home (god bless you Lex for taking Mase, and being such a trooper about the early drop off)
725 Docs came in and we headed to the operating room, to get my spinal... the guy got it on the first try, and I barely felt a thing, by far the best I have had!  They laid me back on the table, draped me, and brought Mic in.  This is the second baby Dr C. has cut out of me and with both surgeries he was floored by how chill Mic and I are... we cracked jokes, told stories, entertained the whole room while we practiced names for this new little guy.
744 Little man is born

8-11 I was in recovery, I still couldn't feel my legs and my nurse Carrie was so chill about everything I had no idea for the hell I was in for

They wheeled me to my room, and by this time they had stuffed me full of drugs

After a C-section, they monitor your bleeding really closely, because you don't dialate, the doctor will open your cervics from the inside to help blood clots pass through as you body cleans itself out.  When my nurse went to check me around noon the blood started fountaining out of me.  I could feel it (gross right)!  Her face went white, Micah was out of the room, he went for some lunch (which was probably for the best) and she tried to tell me this was normal, as she was frantically calling for help (I didn't believe her of course, but freaking out was not a good choice at the moment)  In marched 3 other nurses, the charge nurse, and my doc.  The charge nurse and my nurse started massaging my abdomin while everyone else watched (yup I was on display for an audience of 5, I joked that I should have charged admission, no one laughed)...I'm still bleeding pretty good at this point and I can hear them discussing options (none that I liked).  The bleeding finally stopped, but they put me on pitocin and some other thing to help me contract to tighten my Uterus, to stop the blood... so I'm having full on nasty contractions, but my doc(the purist) had taken me off of all my pain meds, but weak sauce vicodin.  The bleeding had slowed, but everytime my nurses would change my position it would start up again... so they sent in Carrie my recovery nurse... she laid into my gut and Micah watched me about die of pain in front of his eyes... it was so intense after they left the room I started sobbing... all you crazies who give birth naturally, are nuts!!  I've never felt pain like that before, and I hope to never feel it again!   For several hours it was an aweful cycle of different nurses coming in, beating my stomache, Mic watching helplessly as I writhered in pain.  Finally, around shift change things settled down, Dr C went home and Rhonda (Mason's nurse, we love her)  Came in to say hi, saw the amount of pain I was in and helped my nurse get approval to put me a morphine drip, I can now say I know the difference between heaven and hell.

I was in the hospital for 3 days and 4 nights, and the whole time my son was lovingly taken care of by some of my dear friends!  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such generous woman.  I came home to a spotlessly cleaned home (thanks JoJo) and meals to last a week (thanks girls).   I wish I could express to each of my friends how lucky I feel to have them, and how much I can't wait to return the favors!

Since we have been home, lots has happened.  Mason's left ear drum ruptured that first weekend, and then he had a massive breakout of hives(docs have no idea why).  The kid is doing his best to compete for center of attention.  Miles had his circumcision on Thursday, he didn't cry once!  He weighed in at 8lbs 7oz,
 Dr K. says he looks like a champ! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miles Andrew Clinger

Welcome Home  Miles Andrew Clinger...
Lil' MAC!

Little man can roll on his sides, raise his head, eat like a champ, and he has already peed on several of my friends (these Clinger men are such over achievers)!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He who has no name is HERE!!!

Our sweet little man is here! 
Now if only we could decide on his name?!

May 17th, 2010
8 lbs 2 oz
20 1/4 inches

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Congratulations Charles and Kellie!!!!

Charles Clinger law school graduate extraordinaire!

We are so happy and excited for you! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our marriage is equal to the age of a 1st grader...

How in the world have we been together so long w/o killing each other?  Lots and lots of laughter! 
I've tried to kill him a few times, but who ever said the bigger they are the harder they fall... is a lying SOB!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Before and after

He used to be so little!  I found this post I had saved and it made me smile so I thought I'd share!



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The man strikes again

So today I went in to the Doc knowing that I still have 2 weeks and nothing I say or do is going to get me out of this last stretch.  I decided to take Mase w/ me, he is my guard against privacy invasion (if you've had a baby you know what they want to do the last couple of visits)! 

Mase and I get called back by the nurse and this was our conversation:

Nurse~ Well Melinda looks like you are almost done

Me~ What do you mean looks?

Nurse~ I was referring to your chart

Me~ Are you sure you have the right chart I have 3 months left... just kidding!

She started laughing pretty hard (I've known her since I was pregs w/ Mase... she gets my sense of humor)

Nurse~ So, Melinda its getting to that time that the Doctor wants to check and see how your Cervics is ripening.

Me~ Why?  Green, ripe, or spoiled... if my water breaks he will be top of the list to know!

Nurse~ He just wants to check and make sure everythings ok

Me~ Tell him over my dead body, he'll get to see my guts in 12 days and not a moment sooner! 

My nurse left laughing so hard she had tears... I could hear her telling the doc and then hear him laughing too.

My doc came in really quick after that said no examine was needed... we chatted for a bit, he said one more visit and then we are done. WAAAHOOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hide & Laugh

Mason has been hiding in the funniest places, he will go in the hall closet, close the door, and laugh like a loon!  He hides under our bed constantly, which scares me because if he got stuck I can't lift our 2 ton bed.  He hides in any unlocked cupboards, and will close the door and then slam it open laughing like crazy.  His all time favorite is under the fitted sheet on our bed...  here is the proof!