Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Melinda story...

This is one of those stories I should keep to myself... but when have I not shared?

Saturday morning we were getting ready to leave the house and go to lunch with my dad for Mason's Birthday.  I was in the bathroom switching out a load of laundry, when I noticed a few things fall back behind the dryer.  I hate losing clothes that way, so I pulled the dryer forward a few inches and climbed up on the washer, braced my self with one arm and leaned forward to reach behind the dryer. 

Most of you know I am short, vertically challenged, and because of that I have no reach, none.  From the top of the dryer to the floor is, I can say with out a doubt, well out of my reach!  I leaned and stretched and reached until I lost my balance and fell behind the dryer!  Imagine my round little body upside down in a handstand behind the dryer... it was a moment I am glad we did not capture on camera.  I tried with out success to get out of my predicament without calling for help.

I decided very quickly that no amount of bending and twisting would save me, so I called for Micah... I had to yell for him 3 times before I could cut through the ESPN anouncers voice, and get a response from my husband.  The panic in my voice finally got through to my husband and father.  Mic came to the door and tried to open it, but remember I pulled the dryer out and with our realizing it had blocked the door.  I started to freak.  Mic couldn't get in, he couldn't get a good angle on the door to bust it down with out ramming the dryer into me.  I was upside down, in a state of undress, and images of very handsome firemen breaking down the door to save me went swimming through my mind.  I bruised my shoulder, hip, back, forearm and heel... but I got out of there before Micah could call for help! 

I have promised that I will not retrieve clothing from behind the dryer with out a spotter again! 

Laugh and then send chocolate... I am going to need help recovering!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Miles minute

My camera broke, actually I put Mic's soda in my purse and the lid was loose and the soda spilled all over my camera, my favorite wallet and my rear-end... it was a choice moment for me!  

Until I research a new camera, you all are stuck with graney I-pics (sooo ugly)

Miles would you like a cookie?

Yes Please!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The goat says... NO?

One day after I picked the kids up from daycare I got a wild hair (figure of speak, I know I literally have wild hair) and decided to run out to Lone Pine Farm and let the kids see the goats.  They were both in heaven, its such a fun stop for kids of all ages (I got a kick out of feeding those little stinkers too). 

Miles was thrilled, until one of the goats chomped his poor fingers. He cryed for a minute and once he was calm I had to run and grab Mason off the tractor he was determined to kill himself on. After I grabbed Mase, I quickly turned around to this aweful baa-squeal coming from the cage I parked Miles by. When I got close I could see Miles had gotten his revenge... he was biting down on one of the goat's ears for all his worth. It was a proud Mother moment, right up there with finding Mase standing in is window seal earlier this week banging on the window and yellowing for all his worth. Did I mention it was 930 at night, he was naked with his boy junk smashed against the window,the lights were of course on and his window faces the parking lot... I didn't?  Well I am sure you can picture it! Such heart warming moments bring a tear to my eye, I just know my Mother of the year award is in the mail!

Miles was thrilled everytime there little heads would pop through the wire, he thought it was a game!

The Tractor of Death

Miles has the poor thing by the nose... I didn't realize until I was looking through the pics.  (please don't call PETA)

Mase had to feed them on pellet at a time... it took forever!

I won't attempt this again alone, I had to carry Mason out over my shoulder while I pushed Miles with my ribcage... they cried and tantrumed halfway home.  This is as close to pets or a farm as they will ever get!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What men do for fun...

Somedays are just made to stay home with your daddy and watch manly shows (like Lion King and ESPN)  and eat in the living room (since mom isn't home and can't be a nazi about the clean carpet) and take a nap like a man (on the couch)...

Mase was a little under the weather this morning so Mic and he had a Man's day on the couch... Don't even ask about the mess I came home too!  (worth every damn stain)