Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh my its been a while

I have big hopes to update and maintain the blog... and if wished were fishes we'd all cast our nets!

My guys say hello!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre Valentines... weekend celebration

We had a cookie decorating shindig at our house.  Kristy brought Hayley and Gracie over dressed as disney princesses and the kids frosted a couple of cookies, ate their weight in icing  (butter cream...mmmm), and then ran around the house enjoying their sugar high! 
My treadmill made the best; stage, fort, jungle gym, and homebase you ever did see.
Miles kept trying to touch bellys with everyone... Cinderella (Hayley) told him that "belly buttons were yucky!"  Kristy heard that and promptly belly bumped Miles... he was so tickled!
My boys love Kristy, they know she gets home about 15 mins after we do, so they well watch at the window and wave as she drives past  (im not gonna lie, she spoils them... its all bribery)

Miles decided he was a princess too... he sure has the gams for heels!
Micah's favorite part was the ring her accessorized with!

You'd think the kid were winding down here... nope!
Mason was trying to hind under the blanket and tickle everyones feet!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Great Bearded Wonder

Micah decided to grow a beard... I love it!
He thinks its so funny to give the boys "whiskers"... he rubs his face against the boys faces and they giggle like loons!

I love this man!

The ER is a happy place...

Wooden train tracks do not make rings!

Mason came to me with his finger stuck in a wooden track, he kept saying "mama pwetty STUCK" nothing worked!  We tried Vaseline, veggie oil, dawn, KY, ice bath... you google it, it tried it! 

His finger started to swell, so I called Kristy to watch Miles (thanks Langworthy fam), then I called Micah to meet me at the ER, and then I called my friend Steph who works in the ER as an RN to get us right in (I'm all about favors in emergencies), she was however in working at another hospital (darn you steph!)  She sent a bunch of texts full of advice.

We got to the ER and Mason work the Nurses like a pro, they snuck us into one of the exam rooms, had a paramedic/fireman take a peek.  We all distracted Mason (Mic arrived right at this moment) and the guy popped it right off! 



We had a fabulous Christmas!  It was simple and family centered, it was wonderful...

The boys got a train table and every Thomas the Train known to man... They were over the moon! 

What Christmas morning is complete without this classic movie!

This is my dear friend Jen!  We had Christmas dinner at there house... she is the perfect surrogate aunt!  She is my emegency contact when the boys are sick, she has lots of fun animals, and she always has goodies for the boys!  What kid could ask for more?

Monday, January 2, 2012


I made sugar cookies that I meant to take around to all our friends (I didn't, but I meant too), we took some with us for Christmas dinner, but other than that we used them as bribs to get Mason to use the toilet.

I frosted a ton of cookies and still had a bunch left over, thank goodness Mason was willing to finish for me!

This was the cookie he made...

He thought it was perfect!  Then he didn't fall asleep until after midnight!

The Train Wreck Tree

I love having a fresh tree in the house, I love the smell of it and the way it makes Christmas a reality.  I grew up with real trees, (even though my parents have since sold out and gone with the fake pre-lit tree) some of my favorite childhood memories are putting up the tree.

I loved out tree this year and Miles had some serious love for it too!
He actually tried to climb it when we first put it up (TIMBER), I have no idea where he got that idea!
When he realized up wasn't an option he figured down was just as good, so the rest of his time with the tree was spent pulling it down. 
The lights and ribbons where constantly hanging off

I bought a train to try and get the  boys attention off the tree, they had it busted by the end of the week... I left the poor broken cars lying under the tree.

Mason decided to add his cars as decoration to the tree... I found all sorts of goodies in the tree as I took it down.

I'm pretty sure there was never such a well loved tree!

Some real shotty work..

We decided that a new tradition was called for this year...  Ginger bread house building!  
In theory it was the perfect activity to do with the kids.

I found a kit, and we followed the directions and got everything ready to build, I had visions of the boys making adorable little windows, and a candy cane lane (anytime I have a vision of how something should go, it always does the opposite!)

Miles was so dang mad he was strapped down.    I finally gave him a taste of the frosting, he was such a good little boy after.
Mason liked the frosting so much he decided to be a bit more creative with it... 
He's a dead ringer for santa!
 He got pretty serious, and decide to decorate the candy with frosting before he put it on the house...

Our master piece was so top heavy it needed to be braced with boxes of mac and cheese.

Unfortunately, even the macaroni couldn't save our future vacation home...
We've decided next year we're going big... rice crispy bricks big!

On a happy note, the next morning I came downstairs to find the boys had dug the house out of the trash and were eating it (thank goodness I had had Micah take out the trash the night before, so there weren't and potato peels hanging off it)

Catch up

Life has been really busy around here (honestly, i keep wondering why we are so crazy)  Life was really nuts around finals week, I procrastinated an online class until that week.  I had planned on spending the week hunkered down reading and testing like a made woman...  I did that, but I also got called into work because everyone got sick (double damn)  I worked and studied and on thursday I thought I was done ... I reread the syllabus to be sure and found I had miss read the final project.  At midnight I discovered I had a 10 page paper due at 5pm Friday evening, that I hadn't started (um oh poop).  I dropped the kids at daycare and in 5 hours wrote some of the best BS of my life, I turned the paper in at 4:36 PM.   

I got full credit and an A in the class (oh yeah)    

 We finally got out with the Langworthy's for a double, and this is what we came home to.

How sweet is it that he's holding her arm in his sleep!

I tried my hand at baking... not too shabby!
Miles was my helper, he was the best spoon licker I've ever seen, he is also a stealer of ingredients

He knows to go for the good stuff

I love his I didn't do it face

I whined alot about our across the street neighbor, whose house looked like this 2 weeks before Christmas!  I'm serious, I was going a little crazy!