Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend

We had a busy weekend, and it was so much fun to have things to do!

Friday started of with me having my first ever garage sale!  Wahoo... NOT!  I had 6 people stop in 4 hrs and I made $67.00.  I live in the worst neighborhood for a garage sale and the best one for low traffic!   We finished the day at Rodeo our local family restaurant, the boys love it for the trains that drive around the ceiling (very cool for little boys)

Saturday we headed into Eugene for a fun filled couple of hours with the Nelson family at the Beers, Blues, and BBQ festival!  I managed to get a little sun and Mason and Miles both won gold fish!
We love ballon animals!

Mason decided to name his fish 'Elmo' and Miles names his 'Yar'. The boys were ecstatic about there first pets (I guess baby brothers don't count)

Mase and Elmo 

Sunday was a day of BBQ, furniture shopping, cleaning, and naps! We bought special fish food for Elmo and Yar and the boys took the fish on several outings; meeting the neighbors, jumping on the trampoline, seeing the upstairs and any other place they though the fish might like!

Monday was wonderful!  We got up and out the door in a hurry to make the Memorial service at the JC cemetery.  Now my boys only know cemeteries from cartoon and there understanding is limited as to what we do there or so I thought. 

We pulled in slowly and with the windows down to lots of elderly people decorating loved ones graves (seriously, there were like 4 young families on the whole place) as we drove up the gravel road careful of all the pedestrians Mason told me at normal Mason level (loud) that "tonight all these dead people will be zombies". He didn't just tell me once he told me over and over again... Making sure that every grannie in the place gave me dirty looks!

Once we settled the zombie theory to Masons satisfaction we made out way on foot to the flag area to watch the Veterans ceremony.  Now not everyone could make it to this area on foot, one little lady who was up there in years (even among the elderly group assembled) was pushed up in a wheel chair.  She barely made it in time and she was trying hard to make a stealthy arrival.  Which was difficult because I the hush that had fallen over the crowd as the men assembled to 'forward march'. In between that order to move and the quiet crunch of wheels on gravel Mason loudly proclaimed to the assembled group that " the old lady is gonna die soon ". 

In that moment Micah turned quietly with Maddox in his arms and headed straight for the car.  I was still at this point determined that my boys would learn some respect for our country and its veterans.  

After the pledge, national anthem, and flag raising, one of the men read a lovely poem it was at this point that Miles announced to the group, " My poopy is coming"

I gave up!

Next year we will try to teach patriotism, this year I didn't want anyone to commit a felony on my family!  

We got home to find Elmo floating up side down in the bowl.  Mason was heart broken.  I gave him the option to bury him in the backyard (like at the cemetery) or burial at sea.  Mason not wanting Elmo to go zombie on him opted for a burial at sea.  Flushing his fish was a real spirit booster, until Miles decided he didn't want to be left out... Yar and Elmo are together forever at sea!

Monday, May 19, 2014

We bought a house!

We bought a beautiful, perfect home in Junction City, Oregon... We are over the moon!

See it's just darling!

No we didn't buy acres of property, but we did buy on the very edge of a subdivision and there is nothing between us and the coastal range.

We have a postage stamp size backyard, but that didn't stop me from taking advantage of the offer of a free "jump-o-line".  I made it fit!

I lost the screws for the boys bunk bed in the move and it took me 2 weeks to find them!  I shouldn't have even wasted the time searching, the boys are still sneaking into our bed... And with Micah traveling I like to have all my little chicks in arms reach!

The boys favorite part of our home is the 3 bathrooms, in fact when ever someone comes over or asks about our new home that is the first thing they talk about.  

We now have room for all our friends to visit and to throw some really kick-A parties (well as kick-a as parents of 3 kids can get).