Monday, May 19, 2014

We bought a house!

We bought a beautiful, perfect home in Junction City, Oregon... We are over the moon!

See it's just darling!

No we didn't buy acres of property, but we did buy on the very edge of a subdivision and there is nothing between us and the coastal range.

We have a postage stamp size backyard, but that didn't stop me from taking advantage of the offer of a free "jump-o-line".  I made it fit!

I lost the screws for the boys bunk bed in the move and it took me 2 weeks to find them!  I shouldn't have even wasted the time searching, the boys are still sneaking into our bed... And with Micah traveling I like to have all my little chicks in arms reach!

The boys favorite part of our home is the 3 bathrooms, in fact when ever someone comes over or asks about our new home that is the first thing they talk about.  

We now have room for all our friends to visit and to throw some really kick-A parties (well as kick-a as parents of 3 kids can get).