Monday, March 31, 2008

A Trip with Micah to the Alaskan Bush....

I made Micah take a camera on an Audit with him into one of the small native villages in the Bush. I always laugh because I have to pack him food and water for his trip and this time I had to send him with a sleeping bag and pillow. It was crazy trying to make it all fit! This is alot of how it is for him on these smaller audits... poor guy no wonder he slept 16 hrs straight when he got home!!

This is the veiw of the the Village of Akiachak, from the 4 seater plane Micah was flying in on!

This is the very busy airport that he landed in... if you look really close you can see the marks in the snow.

Micah did an audit on a small Native Corp... the only place for them to work and sleep was in the local school. This is where he worked and slept!

Here is the handsome man gettign ready for the -40 below (that doesn't include the wind chill) weather! I just love this very hairy man!

Here is his view on the way home... this is a major river your looking at and if you look closer there are definate tracks where the snowmobilers ride on top of the ice... for the most part this is safe its just that rivers never freeze solid so no matter how thick the ice is there is always flowing water underneath, and rivers also have to breath, or relieve built op pressure so when ridding on a river pay close attention,there are always holes to watch out for ... I only showed this because he almost wasn't able fly out of the village, so he had a back up plan (of course he is a Clinger) he found some locals to snowmobile him out and this would have been the route they took thank goodness this didn't happen.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We are finally moved in....

We are finally moved in to our new little home! It s so cute andd perfect for our growing little family. Its 2 bedrooms and one bath, we have a cute little fire place and our oven is gas! Its so wonderful the Kitchen is almost twice the size of our last one.

Micah bought us new furniture we shopped for 2 months before we agreed on the style and type we were looking for. Then a local store ran a deal 5 years no interest... so the Saturday they ran the deal I had to work of course! Micah went all by himself to the store and picked out this great set of couches and this crazy huge king size bed that is so comfortable! He had everything moved in and set up before I got home.

I count myself a very lucky woman, I feel blessed in all ways possible!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


5 things on my todo list today!
1. All over color
2. Pedicure
3. Lunch
4. couple of Haircuts
5. Dinner

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Senor Iguana's chips and salsa in Pocatello
2. Ice Cream
3. Cookies
4. Fresh Fruit
5. Popcorn (not the Microwave kind)

5 Places I have lived
1. Utah
2. New York
3. Alaska
4. Missiouri
5. South Carolina

5 Places I have been
1. Canada
2. Florida
3. California
4. Vegas
5. Mexico

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionarie:
I would get me and my family out of debt... go back to school... travel in STYLE!!! I would turn myself in to the Hispanic Oprah!!!! I would let my husband do what ever he wanted (investment wise)

5 jobs I've had
1. seven peaks
2. dilliards
3. assisted living homes
4. secretary
5. Stylist

5 pet peeves
1. people who smack there gum
2. self righteous people
3. close minded people
4. selfishness
5. mooches

5 thinds you don't know about me
I am a completely open book !!!

I am tagging Sara and Kellie