Saturday, July 30, 2011

A time to mourn

No, our family has not suffered a loss, well a least not directly.  Today my clients were amazing people, who reminded me of all that I have and how very precious each day is. 

One of my first clients of the day was a woman in her late 60s who had this amazing love story about her sweet husband. They met when she was 13 started dating when she was 15 and married when she was 19... they had been married for 47 years.  She had just brought her husband homeand told she has 30 days to say good bye... I cried, I really just bawled.

Later I had an older mid 50s sassy grandma sit in my chair and during our time together she talked about a trip she and her widowed daughter in law were taking in a few days that would suprise her 10 yr old grandson, to disneyland!  She said that she was a 3 time cancer survivor, and she had an appointment for monday about a new lump... she calmly told me she would fight to the end, of course, for her grandson... who had recently lost his father, her son, and had clung to her through his grief.   I just put the tissues at my station!

Later I had a Military man, who was preparing to leave on another tour, and his wife was due in several months.

A father brought in his son, who he hadn't seen in 3 months, he came to oregon for a job, but is from Az.  Due to the market they can't sell there home, and refuse to turn it over to the bank, so they only see each other every 90 days when he builds up enough time to take off.  His son was 8 and his mirror image and very best friend, they made a pact to only cut there hair when they are together.  UGH!!

My very last client of the day sent me home in hysterics.  Nice, normal looking guy, who had hopped a flight last week when he and his wife had recieved a call that there 19 year old son had been in an accident.  As of this evening they were unsure of whether he would make it.  Every day a baby step towards the unknown.

I am grateful for my sweet family and tonight I am treasuring them now.  I understand that life is a cycle, we are all born to die.  I don't know what comes next, nore will I live my life in hopes of that.  I embrace the now, because the now is real, and tangible. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We have the best daycare.  I never have had to worry about the boys during the day because I know that no matter what they are doing they are being showered with love, and attention.

There days are so full...  Legos

 Water games
 Art projects
 Lots of outside playtime
 Walks with best buds

The adorable little gilr in the sunglasses tells Mase constantly that she loves him, and she calls me mama when I pick up the kids... future DIL, who knows!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gampa... Gampa

We were so lucky to have my dad come for a visit during Mason's Birthday! My dad spoiled the boys with attention and love that only a devoted gee-pa can give. We went to the coast, a movie, and Chuck. E. Cheese... it was a very crazy and fun weekend.

 Miles and Grandpa
 Mason and G-pa
 The BEACH!!!
 Chuck EEEEE Cheese
My guys!  I love them so mucho!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth...

We spent the fourth at home this year.  We started off the day in Creswell, enjoying a great small town parade.  Since Micah and I both grew up in smaller towns, we both really enjoy a small town parade, with all the fun traditions they bring.

The parade started with a flyover by the Airforce, that both boys loved! The planes were really low and very visible... I heard ooohhhs from both of my little guys.

Set up and ready to go

Miles had issues with the visor...Down...
 Mason's please give me candy face...don't you just wanna throw him a succor!
 He made this face while standing on the side of the road with his hands extended in front of him... we came home with a mountain of candy!
 The boys loved the big trucks!

 Miles finally had to parked in the shade!  I just randomly walked to the middle of the yard and parked him, then Mic and I took turns talking to him about the parade, and keeping Mase from getting run over... worked out perfect
We spent the evening with Friends BBQing and then we all headed to PK park to watch the Fire works... Miles sat with everyone but us, he was our traveling man!  Thanks to all the random stranger and friends who played with him!