Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sorry its taken me so long to update our blog... we have been just watching our little guy grow and forgetting to take the pictures to prove it! Mason is doing so good he sleeps 5-6 hrs at night, he only cries when he is really pissed and will stop the second he gets picked up (honestly, I think he has only cried 7-8 times since he was born), and he is gaining weight and getting more and more alert. WE LOVE BEING PARENTS!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drive to the Coast and other adventures...

Well, we have had an eventful last couple of days... on Thursday poor Mason was circumcised, had his tongue snipped, and had his foot bled. Poor little man was not the happiest camper... although he didn't cry once during the circumcision. I was so proud! Micah and I decided to both go in with him. I think Micah was really curious as to what his parents had put him through(he claims he was there for comfort) I thought the sooner I could nurse him the better he would be; plus, the faster we could leave. My precious son also decided to pee all over me when they weighed him (his aim is so good he made it mostly down the front of my shirt)... there is a reason why the nurses have the parents participate, it's to use us as human shields!

On a much funner note we decided to take a drive to the coast on Saturday and it was wonderful. Mason loves the car so much he only woke once in 5 hours to eat! In all the pics he was even sound asleep. We love the Oregon coast. It was so beautiful, and I can't wait till next summer when we can explore with little man!

Before the doctors appointment (it looks like he knows whats coming)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our visitors...

We were so lucky to have my parents and little sister come to visit and also Micah's brother Charles and his wife Kellie and their little boys. It was so nice to just enjoy family and rest. I haven't seen my family in almost a year and mics family we just saw for the first time in April. Family can be a such a blessing and I think it took us being with out our familys to realize it. I took tons of pics but of course I totally spaced taking pics of Kellie and Charles with Mason and Kellie's battery died. We are just going to have to visit them soon!

My Boys...

My Son is just like his daddy, he is already trying to emulate everything daddy does...ok so anybody can eat, sleep ,and poop! Our baby is growing and changing so much and so quickly. I have to laugh because when we go out I always hear comment about how little he is and I think "no he is not he is growing"!

I love the sass in his little face!

Daddy and Mason taking a nap together

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alone at last...

We brought Mason home on Monday afternoon, it was so scary to be alone with him... Micah and I came up with so many what "if scenerios" the nurses had to make us leave. Ok I was so ready to get home I hadn't been able to sleep (and the Nurses doing their hourly checks sure didn't help to sooth)! I was so excited to get home until I got wheeled to the doors and dropped off at he car, it hit me its just us... we are responsible for this little boys future, its up to us to help him become a good person, and alot of what he will make of this life will be directly connected to the examples we set for him. No wonder I cried the whole way home!

So far it hasn't been so hard, I just don't get alot of sleep. He is a good baby he isn't real spitty or whinny as long as he his fed, changed and warm he is good. Motherhood agrees with me and so much of what I never understood about moms I am finally getting.

This is Nurse Rhonda she was the best and took such good care of our little family!

Micah and Mason... daddy doesn't look exhausted does he?

Mason is happiest sleeping skin to skin with either of, sorry I refused to be photographed for obvious reasons.

Our handsome little man!!