Thursday, September 25, 2008

Over the river and through the woods...

How smart is this lil boy!

This says it all!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday my Love!!!!!

Every blog I read when there is a birthday, everyone does a sweet (sappy) dedication... That's not how we roll!! Micah turned 29 today and we have spent the whole day sitting on the couch watching football and talking about how fast time has gone... I know we are lame!! I did make him a yummy birthday breakfast and I bought all of his presents earlier this week and I made it all the way to last night before I confessed to having bought any... once the he knew he had some he wanted to see them. Yup, he got all his gifts Saturday night he loved them, but I didn't have anything for him today! Mason did though, he laughed for Micah again! He only laughs for Micah, I rushed to get it on video and forgot to turn off the TV... sooo here is Mason laughing for Mic on his b-day and Men in Black 2!!!

Ok so the need to be cheesy prevailed... Mic is my best friend and the love of my life! We have so much fun together. He is a wonderful father and husband! He makes me want to be a better person, to try new things, and on rare occasions pull my hair out! I wouldn't change a thing of the bumpy road we have traveled together, it has made us the couple we are and has shown us how to love, to laugh, and to forgive! HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My latest projects...

So in my blog cruising I came across the pattern to make these crayon rolls... which I think are such a fun gift! Plus you can take them to church or in the car and not have to put up with the "accidental" crayon dump!

So I made this for my cutie pie nephew Khale who is turning 3... I know I made it pink but he does like the color pink and real men do love pink!

$3 because he is turning 3!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mason is NOT a morning person!!!

I have been trying to switch Mason's sleeping schedule. Lately he won't fall asleep until after 2 am and then he sleeps in until after 10 its nice to sleep in, but lil man is not getting very good naps so I am surviving off of less than 6 hrs and here is my first attempt at the switch up..

He hates being on the floor normally, not this morning

He is usually awake while his chair is going... not this time

Even while I am holding him and talking to him... still sound asleep

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yay for colorful poop, solids here we come...

The Doc says that we are good to try some solids... so here we go!

Ok mom what have you got there?

What the... we already talked about no bottles, I'm a straight boob man... ohh ohh this is different!

What the %/?@$

Sorry I find myself constantly putting words to his facial expressions! He decided he likes his rice cereal and his peaches... I worry that it might be to early to start him on solids, but the doctor said as soon as he stopped thrusting his tongue we were good to go! We weighed him again and 15lbs here we come! Its killing me that he is on his way to tripling his weight, (seriously my back is killing me!) soon his rolls will have rolls!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

God save stupid people from me.....

OK so Wednesday I decided to head to Barnes and Noble and browse for a new book to read. When I got there I pulled in next to a truck and as I was getting Mason out of the car I noticed this not stuck in the mirror:

Are you freaking kidding me!!! OK so I have read a lot worse notes, but this truck was right in the middle of the parking space. Its not like they were on the line or even close to it, there was a good 6 inches between the tire and the line. At least before you write a note make sure that you personally are not in the wrong!

Why leave a note, seriously... we have all parked a little close to other cars in a rush, why not chalk this up to getting your come back and move on... why write a note that no matter how nicely written is bound to ruin someones day! Not to mention getting the awkwardness of possibly getting caught while placing the note. Plus, if your to the point of leaving a note... who leaves a nice one?

I took the note, I didn't want it to ruin someones day and I wanted to show it to Micah!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lady luck rocks my world!

We had another great weekend... Saturday Mason and I were invited to a fisher price party. Our Garage sale friend Michelle (I met her at her garage sale she had lots of cute clothes Mason's size) invited us over, she had applied for one of those house party things from fisher price and won!!! They sent her a bunch of free toys and invited us over to play with them and then put our names in for a drawing to get a free toy... did I mention they were free! We won an activity table which I am told Mason will love here in a couple of months! It was so nice to make new friends, especially with other moms with little kids.

Mason got a seriously good haul!

After the party we had to rush home so we could meet our friends JoAnn and Maeli so we could then go and meet Micah and RL at the duck game. Micah got an email on friday that he had won the office drawing with RL and we got 4 tickets to the duck game on saturday! Kick off was at 12:30 so JoAnn and I decided to meet the guys after half time. It worked out perfect! I found great parking and for free, we got up there at the end of the 3rd quarter. Mason slept the entire time and was so good! Poor micah got burnt and paid 8 bucks for a hot dog, but those are the sacrifices we make during football season! The Ducks stomped the Aggies 66-24 QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!!

What a hot family...literally!

RL, JoAnn, and Maeli!

Just a little side note; Mason offically takes after my side of the family! On Wednesday we went to the doctor for our 2 month check up and my chubby lil guy weighs 13 1/2 pounds! He doubled his weight, but he is only 22 1/2 inches. Poor guy short and fat just like his mama!