Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Our sweet Marley joined our family on June 1st 2015 and she has been a thrilling roller coaster ride. 
Micah and I were able to convince our first Babysitter to make the trip to Eugene from Washington to watch the boys while I had the Csection.  Thank goodness for Hannah and the peace of mind I had knowing she was with my boys.

Marley was by far my hardest pregnancy, she was also our biggest surprise...

We had just heard from Miles' New Neurologist that he suspected Miles had Cerebral Palsy and his seizure like events may come back.  We were reeling from the news and quickly asked for him to be evaluated again, we were put on a waiting list for the CDC (child development center) in Portland and learned that the next available appointment wasn't until April... 8 long months away.  I requested that we also be put on the list for possible cancelation spots. 

Heart broken and trying to understand our new future we pushed forward trying to find a new normal for our family.  In the spirit of normal we decided to keep several engagements we had previously RSVP for.  I hadn't been feeling to hot and decided to take a test before our weekend of fun.  All was well, Micah and I decided our family was complete and in the face our what we might face with Miles we need to be done having children.  Friday we celebrated a wedding of one of Micah's co-workers and Saturday we went to a benefit party called Empty Bowls for the NFP Micah volunteers with. 

Empty Bowls is a rather large event and every year they have a huge silent auction with 100s of items to bid on.  In true style I always scan for a treasure or an amazing deal.  I found what I thought was the funniest Item... A vasectomy for $100... thinking I was hilarious I wrote down Micah's bidder # and his full name in big bold letters.  My girlfriends and I returned to our spouses giggling like idiots and informed them of my hilarious joke... Micah ever the accountant immediately saw the value in my would be joke... so he spent the rest of the event guarding the item and we won it for $200.

The next morning Micah was calling his family and having a good laugh about his winnings... imagine all the jokes a Clinger could make about a 200 dollar vasectomy... I woke up still not feeling so hot and listening to him talk to his family... so I took my last test and left it on the counter while I made my way into the  living room to listen to his side of the conversations.  30mins later I remembered the test and as Micah was saying good bye to his brother Jared I walked into our bath room to read Pregnant 1-2 weeks

Marley was meant to be, and now that im not pregnant anymore I like her.
The picture I posted announcing our surprise... for all of our friends out of town Marley was a giant surprise!

We had lots and lots of visitors in the hospital

My parents came for a week and it was so amazing to have them here!

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