Monday, August 10, 2015

Swimming... drowning

I'm going to jump back and forth as I try to recap our visit to Idaho and Utah as well as keep up with the goings on in our lives...

Today I got a text from one of my very dear friends Rebekah, inviting the kids and I to meet them at the club to got swimming. Even though Micah has been out of town this week I thought why not the kids are going stir crazy and the crowd at their pool is always smaller than at the public pool. 

Here we are all ready to go just waiting for Max to wake up

Aunt D gave Marley a darling suit... we got to use it today!
We headed to the pool at 3 with the idea that I had 45 mins to and hour before I lost my shit from being pulled in 4 different directions.
It was amazing to see and visit, I hadn't seen her in over 2 weeks and I had seriously missed her.  Marley was awake but not crying, max was life floatied up but I had a hold of the strap and the big boys were in life jackets... I should have gotten a solid 15 mins of visiting before Max forced me into the pool or Marley needed to be fed... 10mins in I hear the god awful whistle blow and splash of a life guard.
Miles having treaded water for the first time at swim lessons the day before decided he didn't need his jacket and headed into the deep end.  Miles was doing pretty good, or so the life guard said, "his eyes and nose stayed above the water but his little mouth was under more than not." 
Miles was so pissed to be saved, she grabbed him and Miles started screaming "don't touch me", "NOOOOO"  
Only my kid, could embarrass us so much at the country club... guess whose family is never going back!
Miles is ok and everyone is fine

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