Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just a quick memory

I ran to the post office the other day to mail a package for a friend.  I had all 4 kids in the van, Max and Marley fell asleep in the mile it took to drive to our post office.  Our post office in Junction City is across the street from the police department, the longest line I have ever seen was 3 people and that was a Christmas time. 

I pulled directly in front of the office, under a tree.  I left the van on and had Mason lock the door ...I swear I kept eyes on the van except for the 90 seconds... in that time period my kids ... oh my kids!

I never would have known that they had gotten out of the car if it wasn't for the little old lady laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face... I walked out the door of the post office and there she was bent over at the waist gasping for breathe...  I asked if she was alright and she asked if the blue van was mine, I said yea.

She proceeded to tell me that she had watched my boys jump out of the sliding door and pee on the bushes in front of the Police department and then jump back in the van... the part that was cracking up the most was that they boys didn't once look at the police bldg. they didn't take their eyes off the post office.  She thought it was hilarious that they were more worried about who was in the post office than getting in trouble from the police.

I honestly just hung my head in shame... shame that even though they are afraid of me it wasn't enough to stop them from doing it...

I'm in such trouble, let me honest.

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