Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marley and the Boys

Having a girl is so much harder than I thought, I blame the majority of the stress on the boys.  Marley's brothers have decided that they each will mother hen our little girl, everyone has an opinion on what is best for her... she's hot, she's cold, she needs her diaper changed, she's hungry, her toes itch, she has a headache... all flipping day long I am told by my children how to mother their sister and how to best serve her needs.  When I am not being bossed by my boys I am trying to keep Marley safe from their impatient ministrations... or just from Max.

Max must hold her at all times
he even will scale her crib to hold her
So I hold both of them and nothing gets done
Marely at 6 weeks, she's still alive and thriving despite all her mothers

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