Sunday, June 8, 2014


Max the baby of the family (for now) is growing by leaps and bounds!  He is 7 months now!  He had 2 bottom teeth fully in and 2 teeth that are just starting to push through!  He spider crawls  (hands and feet as opposed to knees) so fast, when I sweep the floor it's a rush to try and get the crumbs sweep up... He thinks my little piles are snack bars for him!
 He can cruise the couches like a pro, and he loves showing off his tricks!  

His facial expressions are just to die for cute, and he does the sniffing nose wrinkle that just makes me giddy!  

Using the restroom is a competitive sport for me, I have to be quick (and sanitary).  With 2 forgetful big boys and one moving baby his life is always in danger!  Seriously, I snapped this washing machine pic after I closed the door to the garage someone had left open (that could have been nasty)

How cute is this baby!  I am so exhausted, but so very happy!


Julie Barnes said...

He is so adorable!! Three boys looks like a ton of fun!!

Melinda said...